February 29, 2012

Lucky girl.

S and I will be attending the Submarine Birthday Ball this year at the end of April here in Charleston. I'm SUPER excited for an excuse to get dressed up and to be out with him in his dress whites :) I bought a dress recently from Ann Taylor, but I'm starting to have second thoughts about it. S has been in the Navy all this time, but this will be the first ball that he attends. He told me "cocktail attire", but what do guys know about that??! I googled photos from past Naval Balls, etc. and I see a lot of long, more formal dresses. My mom is going to be in town visiting next week so I told her that we might have to do some dress shopping.

Here is the dress that I recently bought:

I'm thinking about going with these shoes (or maybe the shoes in the dress pic?):

I was thinking about wearing pearls with the outfit. Anyone have any ball tips or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!


Annie said...

I love that dress! I have never actually been to a big navy ball either, but you're right some of the pictures I have seen are of long formal gowns, but others weren't so fancy... no help I know! I've heard always dress to the uniform of the day, so if he is dressy so are you, but I never found this very helpful either! What does that even mean?!?

I think it is a beautiful dress and you'll look fabulous, even if others are in long gowns you'll still look classy and amazing! Have a great time, let me know what you decide to wear ;)


P.S. I think pearls look great and dress up any outfit!

sweettealove said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for commenting! S wears his dress whites to work every Friday so to me, I don't think of them as being very dressy haha. He is enlisted though and I know that other higher-ranking Sailors wear dressier uniforms, like jacket and tie. I keep going back and forth on the dress...at this very moment I'm still leaning toward keeping it :)

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