April 4, 2012

Blogging from bed!

Oh man, my latest thing this week is - lets see how early I can make it to bed! Tonight it was 8:45. S is down in FL with his mom, dad, and youngest bro Joseph. Joe is a big time baseball player and is already playing on the high school varsity team even though he's only 14 and still in 8th grade. There is also a 16 year age gap between S and Joe! I can't even imagine having a 14 year old brother right now haha. Well I guess I don't really have to imagine because Joe may as well be my little bro, I freaking love that kid!

Anyway, S hasn't been too busy on vacation - I mean, work.. So he decided to take off to FL for the week. I contemplated going with him, but obviously, I don't get as much leave as him so I have to pick and choose my time off wisely. Joe is playing in a baseball tournament all week in Destin and S really wanted to take some time to catch up with him, take him fishing, and watch him play some ball.

It's times like this that really get me thinking... I'm so used to S being here all the time and now I'm starting to get a little sense of what it would be like if he wasn't. I'm just thinking - hmm, this is a great time to do all my girly things like get my hair cut, paint my toenails, workout on my terms, etc. But after all that is said and done, I start to think about how, in a couple years, our lives are going to change drastically. S is at the point right now that he can decide to get out of the Navy. He's been in for 9 years and will have done 12 at the end of this tour. Part of me thinks that he should stay in until 20 years then retire, so we can still reap the benefits later. On the other hand, I'm so used to having him around that I don't know how I would handle only seeing him for 3 months here and 3 months there. It kind of makes me really nervous. I know I've said it before, but I am really fortunate that S and I got to build this amazing relationship while he is on shore-duty. Now I'm really starting to feel how he feels, so torn on whether to stay in or get out.

How do y'all handle deployments and what are your thoughts on my particular situation?

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