April 6, 2012

Blonde for a day.

Well not even 24 hours really. I went to get a long overdue cut and highlight yesterday and what went from me really just wanting a few extra highlights than I normally get, I decided that I wanted to go all out. Not a good choice. I told my hairdresser that I wanted to go lighter and add a lot more highlights. This resulted in my being almost completely blonde. I am not naturally blonde, I'm a brunette. It was terrible. I didn't cry, I knew it could be fixed. I called my salon this morning as soon as they opened and THANK GOD my hairdresser had an opening at 11am because I took a long lunch, peaced out of work and hoped that no one would notice the amount of time that I would be missing and headed straight back there. My hairdresser is a sweetheart and wasn't bothered at all by me coming back to have her "fix it", well at least not that I can tell.

Yesterday, coming home from the salon when I thought for about an hour that I liked it..

This morning, not feeling it.

After lunch, back to brunette! :D

Dear self,
You didnt like it the first time you tried to go blonder, what made you think it would be any different the second time around? Word of advice, don't ever do that again!



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