April 11, 2012

I'm on TV, no big deal.

Before I moved to Charleston, I was already hooked on the show, Army Wives, and now that I'm here, I get to actually take part in the filming of one of my favorite shows! If anyone is familiar with AW, you know that it takes place and is filmed in Charleston, SC. There is an old Navy base here that is no longer used. Well, some parts of it are used, but some of the housing and other areas are used to film the show now.

There is a website called extrassignup.com where you can register to become an extra on the show. When I found out about this after moving, I signed up right away! I have participated in about three tapings so far and yesterday would make my fourth. I technically had to work at my real job, but decided to call out because 1) AW is way funner and 2) it's actually quite a bit more money than what I would have made being at my real job.

They always tell you to prepare to be there for what could be up to 10 hours (anything after 8 is time and half), however, I've never actually had to be there longer than about 6 hours. Yesterday was a different story - I was there for 11! I was kind of bummed because I was hoping to get home early to spend some QT with S, but I didn't really miss out on anything and I ended up getting three hours of overtime with is so that is definitely a bonus! Call-time was 6:00am and I didn't get released until 5:00pm. I was ex.haust.ed.

Here are some pics from my day :)

We were setup at this beautiful park on the river on the old Navy base -

It was a gorgeous day!

Ahhh Charleston <3

There was a really pretty memorial in the park -

I absolutely loved this statue.

I couldn't have asked for better weather, it was bright, sunny, and 80 degrees. I decided to skip my workout afterward since standing around in my Jack Rogers sandals for hours was definitely not the most comfortable thing to do. I cherish evenings of snugs and dozing on the couch with S more :)

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday and Happy Hump Day today!

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Melissa Wagner said...

beautiful pictures!

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