April 16, 2012

New blog-look!

I was getting a little tired of the generic Blogger template that I had used to create my blog so when I came across Shabby Blogs, I was pretty excited to find a ton of really pretty, FREE stuff that I could use to personalize 'Honor, Courage, Commitment.' So here it is!

My week also has been cut even shorter as I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment and procedure done on Thursday. Turns out my doc won't be available that afternoon and it got moved up to Wednesday. I'm already pretty nervous about this and will probably be home the rest of the week following my appointment. We had talked about going to the lake this weekend, but after having S's Navy friend visit from NY all weekend, we are pretty exhausted and are thinking about just camping out in our apartment all weekend. Its not so bad when you consider the amazing pool, barbeque, and Netflix!

In other news: We are leaving for Kentucky in a couple weeks, I am VERY excited! I am so blessed that S has an amazing family and even if I don't get to see my fam that often, at least I have his! We will be away from May 2-7 and it will also Derby weekend. I think we will go to Keeneland for the simulcast (Derby tix = ridiculously expensive) and play lots of golf.

I have also been appling for any permanent jobs that get posted here at the college. I think I mentioned it before, but I am still a contract employee and even though I work 40 hours/wk, I am still considered part-time and that = no benefits :( The pay is laughable for someone with a master's degree and I am at my wits end with having to pay cash for doctor's appointments. My boss said that she is trying to get me a raise, but she can be such a flake sometimes so who knows..

How was everyone's weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

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Anonymous said...

Oooo.. I love the new look of the blog! :) Good luck with the permanent job.

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