April 2, 2012

Spring has definitely sprung..

here in Charleston. It has already gotten up into the 80s and even close to 90 yesterday. Although the locals are dreading the inevitable hot weather to come, I am in seasonal bliss. I broke out all my summer dresses and ordered a few new ones online. Once the weather gets warmer here, say good-bye to dress pants (for work), you will only see me in dresses and skirts. I love shopping for warm-weather clothing, its so much more fun and brighter than cold-weather apparel. Here are some of the dresses I ordered from Kohl's yesterday:

I haven't really blogged that much over the last week or two, but now that I think of it, there is quite a bit to report on. First off, we spent another weekend at the lake last weekend (I think I mentioned that in my last post, but I will post some pictures here). We rented a cabin this time at the Naval Recreation Area, Short Stay. For those of you that have access to somewhere like this, it is definitely worth taking advantage of! S said that this particular one is a lot better kept than others he's seen, but I'm sure there are some that are just as nice. The cabin we rented had two bedrooms and friends of ours came out with us with their kids. Interesting dynamic when you get everyone together... Here are some of my favorite pics:

Our cabin and view of Lake Moultrie.

Our friends and son, getting ready to cookout!

S and I took the 420 sailboat out for a little while in the morning.

S and I took the 22' Catalina out all by ourselves this time! A little nerve-racking at first, be we totally got the hang of it :)

So, that was two weekends ago and this past weekend, we ran our first 10k! It was the Cooper River Bridge Run here in Charleston, which is in the top five for biggest road races in the Nation with 44,000 runners. It.was.crazy. I couldn't believe the people everywhere, you could barely recognize downtown after the race. We finished in 1h 13min, which isn't the best (we were hoping for an hour or less), but allergies and sinus infections got in the way of our training and bumped us off track. Still, I am okay with our time and can't wait to do it again next year!

From race day:

 Making our way over the bridge!

I'm running the bridge again today after work with a friend, does that make me nuts? :p

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