April 13, 2012

T-minus 14 days until the Submarine Birthday Ball!

So I finally made a final choice on both shoes and dress. Both are ordered and on their way! I also found a great blog that has really cute DIY updos so I think I'm going to try and save myself $65+ and do my hair myself! Last thing I need to get is a pearl necklace and bracelet and a clutch and then I am all set!

I would also like to point out that although I'm not huge on using coupons at the supermarket, I sure do know how to find a deal on higher-end clothing and dress great for cheap. I'm sorry, but I rarely buy anything full-price unless I need it that day (price adjustments can usually be made within 7 days btw).

Growing up, I was a bit spoiled, and early on I got into the bad habit of always wanting brand-name everything; but now that I'm older and have to pay for everything myself, the price tags on some of the things that I'm dying to buy make me sick. Don't get me wrong, we all need to splurge sometimes whether it be a new iPhone (although you can buy those refurbished) or Louis Vuitton bag, let's face it, somethings just don't go on sale. I think I'll save further money-saving tips for another blog entry, great idea! But until then, this is what I've got.

Its all coming together...
 Hair -

Girl on a budget formal event:
JCrew Leona Dress - $89.99 + additional 30% off = $62.99 (orig. $225)
Badgley Mischka Randall Shoes = $88.26 (orig. $200)
Updo = Free!

Grand total so far - $151.25
Savings - $273.75

Not bad for all high-end, brand-name items. Who said you can't dress fabulously for cheap??!

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