July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

I'm having mixed feelings about this Monday so far. It started off badly because a) its Monday. S and I had a little tiff over the weekend and although it all turned out just find, he called me this morning to tell me that he's been beating himself up over it all morning and that he feels bad and apologized again and again. It makes me feel good to know that he realizes his mistakes and I'm so glad that we can talk things out. Unfortunately, as I was on the phone with him having this conversation (we were both at work), my boss proceeds to come into my cubicle and stand next to me looking over a couple contracts that I left for her on my desk. Now, if you saw that someone was on a phone call and you can clearly see that they only have a little 6x6 cube of space to themselves, what makes you think that it is okay to stand over them while they are on a phone call???!!??!?! OMG. I'm so done trying to justify her behavior and pretend like everything is okay. I.am.so.over.it.

Note: I'm sorry, I try to keep everything in my blog very upbeat, but I was just astonished at this behavior. I was seriously on the verge of writing her a very nasty email about personal space, but I decided I would rather not fuel the fire. She is a nasty person as it is and she doesn't need anything, especially in writing, to use against me. Instead, I will use it to fuel my fire in getting a new job.

Which leads me to two new and exciting things! First, I have an interview at the Citadel (Military College of South Carolina), for Admissions Counselor on Wednesay, YAY! PRAY FOR ME. Haha, I need it! Although I think it will be a great seeing as to how I have worked in Admissions at two different colleges and am working at a third right now :)

Second: I had a meeting today with the Volunteer Coordinator at the Fleet & Family Support Center to talk about volunteer opporunities. I've thought about getting involved in with volunteering in the past, but never really did anything about it. But, since I am on the hunt for a new jobby job, I decided what better time to get involved? I know it will look kick-ass on my resume and it will be a great way to learn about Navy life. To make a long story short, I accidentally emailed the Volunteer Coordinator's boss's boss and she saw to it that I got contacted haha. Oops! I so did not mean to do that, I was literally just looking for someone, anyyyyone who I thought might be able to help me learn about volunteer opportunities.

Erin, the VC, said that they don't normally invite significant others in unless they are spouses, but they do make exceptions and apparently I am an exception! I am okay with that. Since I have both my bachelor's and master's degrees and a background in Higher Education, she was very interested in my background and very happy to meet with me. She also mentioned that the woman who oversees their Education and Scholarship area had an assistant who JUST retired this year and she said that she was going to pass my information and resume on to her. Score! She said that she is pretty sure that they are looking to bring in 2 people, but she wasn't making any promises. I am okay with that, but wow! How nice of her to think of me for that! I would absolutely love to work on base, that would be super convenient and a great way to get my foot in the door for the future.

She also said that it is good to get involved because although the FFCC has a very small staff, they do tend to hire their volunteers or recommend them for employement in other areas on base. She also invited me to come to Military Spouse 101 in a couple weeks to learn about all the services offered to families on base. I really couldn't believe how nice this woman was to me. I really wasn't sure how I would be treated since I am not officially a spouse.

SO that has been my day so far. We had a little bit of a rough weekend, but it has all been smoothed out by now. Here are a few pics that highlight the funner parts ;)

We floated down the Edisto River on Satuday for a friend's birthday. There are no rapids and its actually very shallow in some parts yet over our heads in others. It was a really fun, beautiful day. This is was South Carolinians do for fun :p

Lots of drunk peeps!


Me, S, friend Kt

S and I <3

Meeee :)

The end.

July 23, 2012

To get a dog or not to get a dog?? That is the question.

Hey yall,
So S has been very adamant about getting a dog lately. He has always had one growing up where as I grew up with no pets (unless you count a cat until I was 2 and a couple hamsters and fish along the way). We especially never had a dog. I have kind of a bad outlook on the who situation because I mainly hear a lot of negative pet stories; people mainly complain about the bad things that happen and tend not to brag about all the awesome things their pets can do. I know from reading a lot of blogs that so many people are so happy to have their "fur babies", but I'm not sure I'm that type of girl.

This discussion has been going on for a while and I have mostly just been making up excuses as to why we shouldn't get a dog. When S's fam was in town, even him mom was trying to talk me into it! He has been pretty good about understanding my reasons for not wanting to get a pet right now; we like to go out a lot and on the weekends, its not unusual for us to be out all day. It's not always easy to swing back by the house and let the dog out nor is it fair to leave them all day. My main concern is that a dog is going to keep us from doing the things that we want to do and I don't want to turn into that couple that always has to leave early to let their dog out, etc. I also don't want to give up spontaneous trips or trips home because we can't bring it or afford the added expense of a kennel.

One night last week, I came home from work exhausted and S brought up the idea again (he goes back and forth; if he hasn't seen a dog for a while he doesn't bring it up, but since we just saw his fam and their dog, it's on his mind again). I was tired and didn't want to get into it so I didn't say much, but I could tell that he was getting upset with me.

I know that it will make him very happy to get a dog, should I just give in? I have been entertaining the idea a little more the past few days and I may have told him we could start looking, but I don't want to regret my decision. This is an added responsibility/expense that I'm not I want to take on right now. I also made a list of my concerns for if we did get a dog (things like no pets on the furniture, must take obedience classes, cleaning/vacuuming). And I also told S that we would have to both agree on what type of dog we were to get. Right now, we are deciding between a German Short-haired Pointer or Weimaraner.

What are ya'll experiences getting/having a dog? What should I doooo????

Some overdue 4th of July fun and photos.

I get so caught up in reading everyone else's blogs that I tend to forget to post in my own! The past weeks have been pretty uneventful though so I guess yall aren't really missing out on anything.

So to recap, S and I took the first week of July off because his family came to town to visit. We had a lot of fun being tourists in our own town, which is very easy to do. Charleston is a very beautiful, historical city and there are TONS of great restaurants. It's minutes from several beaches and you just cannot escape that southern charm. Since S's fam is from Kentucky, we made sure to spend lots of time on the beach and eat plenty of seafood. We also took a trip up to the lake for a day with the boat and had tons of fun tubing and swimming and lounging in the water.

The fam left fairly early on a Saturday so S and I took that as an opportunity to head back up to the lake and have some more fun, but with friends this time around. We took the boat for a quick spin, but then tied up with a couple other boats and literally just floated the rest of the day. Another couple that S knows from work came with us and even though I had only met the hubby once, the wifey was super friendly, we got along great, and had lots to talk about. Here are some pics of our super fun, probably funnest day I've had in Charleston yet, lake day.



Nothing like some redneck fun!

Since it was the week of Fourth of July, they had fireworks that evening and we kept the boat out on the lake until about 10pm when it ended. It was so much fun!

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