July 23, 2012

Some overdue 4th of July fun and photos.

I get so caught up in reading everyone else's blogs that I tend to forget to post in my own! The past weeks have been pretty uneventful though so I guess yall aren't really missing out on anything.

So to recap, S and I took the first week of July off because his family came to town to visit. We had a lot of fun being tourists in our own town, which is very easy to do. Charleston is a very beautiful, historical city and there are TONS of great restaurants. It's minutes from several beaches and you just cannot escape that southern charm. Since S's fam is from Kentucky, we made sure to spend lots of time on the beach and eat plenty of seafood. We also took a trip up to the lake for a day with the boat and had tons of fun tubing and swimming and lounging in the water.

The fam left fairly early on a Saturday so S and I took that as an opportunity to head back up to the lake and have some more fun, but with friends this time around. We took the boat for a quick spin, but then tied up with a couple other boats and literally just floated the rest of the day. Another couple that S knows from work came with us and even though I had only met the hubby once, the wifey was super friendly, we got along great, and had lots to talk about. Here are some pics of our super fun, probably funnest day I've had in Charleston yet, lake day.



Nothing like some redneck fun!

Since it was the week of Fourth of July, they had fireworks that evening and we kept the boat out on the lake until about 10pm when it ended. It was so much fun!

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