August 21, 2012

Tuesday Update!

I'm soo excited because my friend Kim and her boyfriend Brandon are coming down to visit tonight and tomorrow! Kim's fam vacay's in Myrtle Beach every year and since that is just a couple hours away, they have decided to take some time and come down to Charleston to visit. I've only had two friends come down to visit me since I moved over a year and a half ago, so needless to say, I am super excited!

Here are some Instagram photos from the past week :)

I was actually really digging my curly hair this day. It can be so unruly that I used to hate it so much. Luckily it can make getting ready in the morning a lot faster. By adding a little spray gel, add a little heat and humidity, bam! 2 minute syle.

Got some quality time in at Folly. My friend Christian's parents were down visiting from CT and they rented the same beach house that they rented last year. It's so cute, I love it!

After the beach, we went to Taco Boy, one of our fav places to eat.

This is another one of my extra appearances on Army Wives :D I actually got some face time in this episode. It is Season 6, Episode 16 I believe.

I've been on a HUGE fruit kick lately and the selection at Publix has been awesome.

I also recently started volunteering at Fleet & Family on the Naval Weapons Station here in Charleston.

I emailed Kim a list of restaurants that we like to eat at here in Charleston so she could take a look at the menus/prices. She said that she would leave it up to us where we went for dinner since we know our way around all the local places. So far the choices are Magnolia, Blossom, 82 Queen, Coast, Poogan's Porch, and Amen Street. I will be sure to let y'all know where we end up choosing and I'll post my review. I've actually been to all these places already and some of them are kind of touristy, but they still have great food and capture that Southern Hospitality.

Have any of you been to Charleston? And if so, what was your favorite place to visit/ eat?

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