August 29, 2012

Wednesday Weekend Update!

This past weekend, we headed up to Lake Moultrie for some sailing. It was absolutely perfect weather, mid-80's and low humidity. S had to teach the practical portion of the Navy sailing course in the morning then him and I took the Ranger out by ourselves in the afternoon. It was a great day full of sun (maybe a little too much though, should've worn sunscreen) and sailing :) Here are some pics from our day.

S with his students in the morning.

The other sailing instructor took out his personal boat to teach the staff members.

Beautiful day!

Me at the helm! A little blurry, but you get the picture (no pun intended!)

My love! So handsome<3

We headed home from the lake, which is about 45 min. away, so S decided to bring me through the base to see "Charlie", this massive gator that lives in a fenced in area. I didn't get any pictures of Charlie, but I did get a shot of this smaller gator. There was a teenie little baby swimming around this one, but you can't see it in the picture.

For those of you who live in the South or Southeast, you would know that Hurricane Isaac is making it's way through our area. It didn't even really come close to hitting Charleston, however, we did get quite a bit of rain yesterday which caused some bad flooding downtown. Fun fact - downtown Charleston was built BELOW sea level so everytime we get some bad rain, it floods. I don't know who's brilliant idea that was! Here are some pics that peeps were posting of downtown yesterday. And yes, those are people kayaking through the Market.


This really is just kind of disgusting considering how dirty those streets probably are. I hope those two took a good shower afterward!
We are headed to the NC mountains for the holiday weekend to spend time with S's family. What do y'all have planned for Labor Day???

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