September 30, 2012

Roadtrippin back to Charleston!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long! We are headed back to SC right now as I type :) I tried posting from my Kindle Fire a couple times while we were in Florida, but I quickly realized that it's pretty much impossible! I love my Kindle, but for reading and that's pretty much it.

I have been checking in here and there and trying to keep on on my blog feed, but I know I still have lots to read and I can't wait!

It's about 6:30pm [and raining] and we are due back home hopefully by 9. I don't plan on doing much unpacking tonight because I have to get ready to start my NEW job tomorrow!! Hopefully we do get home at a reasonable hour so I can get my beauty sleep before the big day :) I also had the opportunity to do some shopping [FINALLY] while we were away so I am also very excited to wear my new digs!

Hope everyone has been having a great week, can't wait to catch up!

Here's a little vacay sneak peek!

Ps - Lindsey, see you at softball tomorrow!! (9pm ouch!)

September 19, 2012

Wednesday Walkabout :)

This week is dragging! 2 1/2 more days until vacay and I can't wait to get out of this office. Why does it seem like the people you work with drive you a little extra crazy the last few days you work somewhere??! Makes me want to really give them a piece of my mind since I don't plan on seeing them ever again haha.
Ok, nice Kelly is back now...I have been being good for sooo long, trying not to shop too much and pay down my credit cards. I did however, end up giving in last night because I REALLY needed some new fall stuff for my new job. I don't think I'll be able to get away with wearing a lot of what I already have because it's probably a little too casual. Ann Taylor Loft was having a 40% off sale on full-priced skirts and tops and additional 40% off sale/clearance items so I headed there last night after S's softball game. Check out what I got!

I love, love, LOVE ankle length pants. I think they are super cute and perfect for the fall in South Carolina.

Classic black slacks.

Lots of cute skirts!

I am not usually one to venture out into vibrant color land in the fall/winter, but I just loved the cut of these pants and they are Kentucky blue!

My last purchase isn't for work, but to go along with the Kentucky blue theme, I thought this would be a really cute top for the upcoming college basketball season :)

I still need lots of tops to mix and match so I'm hoping that my mom will want to do a little shopping while we're on vacation ;)

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September 18, 2012

Weekend Update and a new job!

Hi yall! I'm sorry I haven't been that great about blogging the past week or so, but I've been feeling a little unmotivated because I know I have pictures to upload, but I can't find our camera cord :( I guess I'll just have to make do.

My weekend started off very well because I got a call from the college and found out that I got the job that I interviewed last Monday!! YAY! I'm so excited to have benefits and be making more money, such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I signed my offer letter and put in my two-weeks notice at work. It is going to work out very nicely

On Friday night, S had a manly-man camping trip so I planned a girls' night with my friend Kara from work. We ate dinner at Sesame and we both got the sliders. They have really good burgers and really good sweet potato fries mmmm :) After dinner, we headed over to Bottles N Brushes. For those of you who aren't familiar with BnB, it involves wine drinking and painting, what could be more fun?! There was a room full of people and an instructor that walked us through the painting step by step. Here is the progression...sort of.

The paintings came out pretty good and I can't wait to put mine up in our apartment! We definitely need more art around here.

On Saturday, S got home from camping pretty early and we headed to his softball game on base shortly after. I got to hang with Lindsey again and the boys won their game (lucky for us girls because those boys do not take losing very well!)

September 12, 2012

Wednesday Walkabout!

I am slacking bigtime the past couple days. I meant to do a second not-so-serious post yesterday, but got busy at work and never had the chance to do it.

On Tuesday night, S had a softball game with TJ, hubby of Lindsey over at Lounging with Lindsey, so I got to finally meet my new blog friend in real life! It was the first game that I've been to and it was fun to have someone to chat with (good thing our guys are on the same team!) We had lots to talk about and we even got to hangout last night as well because the boys had another game. It was totally random that I found Lindsey's blog and even crazier that her hubby works with S :) Small world!
Other than the usual, I know I have been slacking in the exercise department since we have been so busy the past couple weeks so I've been trying to get my butt back out there running again. I did a 30 min. run both Tuesday and today. I would like to take tomorrow off because S has NDI and that is usually my time to do whatever I need to do, but I should probably still push through it so I stay in the game. I was reading Jen's post about eating healthy and exercising daily over at The Adventures of our Army Life and she has a really good plan. She says that she walks at least 3 miles per day, eats until she's satisfied NOT until she's full, and drinks at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. I think that sounds like good advice and am going to try and do the same.
A couple fun things:
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Second, S and I are leaving in 8 days to go here ---->

At least that's what I HOPE it looks like!! My mom and dad bought a house in Port St. Lucie, FL a few months ago and we are going down for our first family vacay there (sans my brother). I am pretty bummed because my brother, Kyle, was supposed to fly down and visit us here in Charleston for a few days then drive down with us to FL, but he had some unexpected car expenses and isn't going to be able to make the trip :( Hopefully he'll come visit soon!
Hope yall had a happy hump day! Two more days until the weekend yayy!

September 11, 2012

Always Remember...

9/11/01, Never Forget.
I cannot believe it has been 11 years. I will never forget where I was or what I was doing on that day.
I was a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, but had decided to stay home from class that day because my little kitty, Chloe, who had just been spayed, was to be picked up from the vet that morning. I decided that I didn't want to leave her home by herself and wanted to stay and comfort and cuddle her. I remember exactly what I wore that day, a green long-sleeved Abercrombie polo with navy blue chinos.
At that time, I was obsessed with watching the Today show on NBC so I had that playing in the background as I got ready that morning. The show is filmed in NYC, just a two hour drive from my home; and I'm sure that the image of not one, but two planes crashing into the World Trade Center was the last thing Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Ann Curry, or the rest of America EVER expected to see that morning.
I sat there watching everything happening live, before my eyes, in disbelief. I started watching just as they recieved word that the first plane had hit and my jaw dropped as I watched the second plane hit the South tower just moments later. I remember feeling confused and scared. I left to pick up Chloe from the vet, where they had the news playing over the radio. I hurried home, just to spend the rest of the day glued to the television watching every minute of coverage. I also remember being outside at one point and hearing a jet fly over my house, not a commercial jet, but a military jet and that is when I panicked.
My cousin, Sean, who is like a big brother to me and one of my biggest heros, was working as an NYPD police officer in Times Square. I quickly called my aunt to confirm that he was okay. Luckily, he was and he was not near the area where all the commotion was happening. My aunt and uncle were in DC at the time visiting Sean's sister who had just had a baby, Max. Max was born on 9/11/01. Just before Sean had become a police officer in the Big Apple, he had served in the Army. Just a few years later, he would be called back to serve our country in Iraq. I thank God that he made it through safe.
I am beyond thankful for all those who have served both past and present to protect our country and our freedom. And, I am even more proud that I get to come home to a United States Navy Sailor, every single day.
I cannot believe it has been 11 years. I will NEVER forget.

September 10, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday, yall! I know, it's not my favorite day of the week either.

Here is a little re-cap of our weekend :)


Friday, September 7, was the United Way's Day of Caring. I didn't really officially participate, but I still volunteered. S is a part of the 1st Class Petty Officers Association on base and they put on a big picnic for all of the students and staff the volunteered that day. I told him that I wanted to come help out at the picnic so him and I grilled up hamburgers all afternoon. It started downpour about halfway through, but we still had a great time.

Serving those who serve our country :)
Double rainbow after the rain!

On my way home.

Later on that night, S promised me a "Kelly-movie date night), where I actually get to pick the movie that we watch haha. We alwayssss watch what S wants and I'm over it so he finally let me pick. I of course, picked The Lucky One. And how lucky was S to get to watch that with me??! Lol, he was not as enthusiastic about the pick, but I think he still secretly enjoyed it. He is not terribly opposed to watching chick-flicks, it just takes a little coercing ;)

We also had an awesome dinner....I had pan-seared scallops (my fav!) and he had a steak. I don't know if it was from all the good food or just being super tired from the week, but I didn't even make it through the movie (S did, however.....) How pathetic, I missed the ending hah.


We went up to Lake Moultrie again and went sailing, one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. S had to teach a student on the kiel boat in the morning then we went out on a little leisurely sail in the afternoon. On the way home, we stopped a couple's house that we are friends with for a cookout and poker night.

Perfect day for sailing!


Slept in, went food shopping, did some laundry, made awesome mahi tacos for dinner (S's favorite) and watched some football. Overall it was a pretty good weekend. How was everyone else's weekend??? :)

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September 7, 2012

Haircut before & after!

Not a huge difference, just took off some of the length and got my bangs trimmed up. Getting a nice cut always makes it look a lot healthier though :)


September 6, 2012

Thursday Seconds...

So I decided that since I'm still at work and I'm still bored, I am going to write a second post for today!
First, I am excited to say that I found a new blog-friend who also lives in Charleston. Her name is Lindsey and you can check her blog out here :) She is super cute and her hubby is in the Navy as well. They are also expecting their first little bundle of joy.
Next, I decided that I was going to surprise S today by getting my haircut. I didn't want him to know so I scheduled my appointment over my lunchbreak so he would have no idea. Maybe I didn't quite explain myself while I was there, but my hair doesn't look a whole lot different so we'll see if he even notices hah. I kind of don't like when my hairdresser styles my hair and I usually can't want to get home, wash it, and style it myself. So, once I do that, I will post before and after pics.
Next, I am really excited for this weekend. Tomorrow, I am volunteering on base at the 'Day of Caring' picnic with S and the 1st Class Petty Officers' Association. I love volunteering on base. It looks like it's going to be another hot one...when will it ever cool off in SC??? S also has a softball game tomorrow evening and then we are off to the lake again on Saturday. S has to teach sailing in the morning and since he found out that he doesn't have a softball game in the afternoon, we are free to take the Catalina out for the rest of the day :D
I'm a big fan of sailing....when there is wind. On a calm, blazing hot day? Not so fun.
While my friend Laura was here on Tuesday, we did some shopping downtown and I added a few more things to my fall wish list. I have included them below :)

I already bought these Kadiee flats from Steve Madden and got a great deal. They were already on sale then today, there was a coupon code for an additional 30% off!

I'm dying to get these boots, however, I have a really nice pair of Coach riding boots that I hardly wore last fall/winter because it was just never that cold. It still can't hurt to have another pair or two thought, right? These are Steve Madden and you can find them here.

And these, too! These are called Lainie and are by Born and you can find them here.

We stopped by Gap and it is always hit or miss for me there lately. I used to LOVE shopping at the Gap, but I think they changed designers because their stuff just isn't like it used to be. I did however find a few things that I think are going to have to find their way into my closet asap.

I need a cute denim skirt (to wear with above denim boots)!
{via Gap}
 And last, but not least...I am obsessed with stripes and I am definitely going to invest in both of these tops :)
{via Gap}

This top actually has patches on the elbows that you can't see in this pic, cute! 

{via Gap}
And, one more thing...I lied ;) I heart this jacket. It looks so soft, comfy, and warm!
{via Gap}
And that concludes my second post and it is time to go home and see my love yay! Have a good evening yall!

My favorite time of year....

It's getting to be a little cooler not so hot and humid (at night), pumpkin spice lattes are coming back, fair season will be starting soon and it's RESTAURANT WEEK in Charleston!

When I lived back up north, I always loved to take advantage of Restaurant Week in NYC because that was sometimes the only time I could afford to eat at some of those restaurants. Now that I am here in Charleston, I still love taking advantage of RW. It really just gives me an excuse to go out to eat at some of the best restaurants downtown and get an appetizer, entree, and dessert :p

Once it was announced, the girls and I decided that since we hadn't really gotten together in a while, we should do a girls' night. Sooo, last night we all met downtown at 82 Queen. It is one of S and I's favorite restos. He swears by the shrimp & grits and I just think they can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I had a blast catching up with the ladies and even made a new friend who I found out grew up probably 5 miles from me in CT, went to the same college (UConn), and yet I just met her yesterday in Charleston. Such a small world!

Our waiter was a terrible photographer.

Tonight, S and I are going out with another couple that we are friends with and our friend Krista is going to tag along at Lowcountry Bistro. Now before yall are like, "hey, isn't Lowcountry Bistro owned by the same peeps as 82 Queen? And, has pretty much the same menu?" Yes, that is true, however, I have never been to Lowcountry Bistro and I didn't exactly have all the say in where we are eating. Regardless, I am excited to check out a new place and get to see some of my bestest friends.

It has already been a crazy week and there is still so much more to do! I don't think I mentioned it, but my friend, Laura, from CT was in Atlanta over the weekend for Dragon*Con (yah, she's a bit nerdier than me) and she really wanted to get together. The best plan we could come up with was for her to FLY from Atlanta to Charleston on Tuesday morning and then fly back to Atlanta the next morning just to check her back again an hour later and fly from Atlanta to CT. She's a little nuts, but she informed me that she is moving to Santa Monica in November so I couldn't let an opportunity to hangout pass us by.
We had a lot of fun being touristy around downtown and we had an awesome lunch at Eli's Table and dinner at Blu on Folly Beach. Btw, I highly recommend BOTH places!! Eli's Table quickly became one of S and I's favorite brunch spots, but we had never gone for anything other. I figured if they had good brunch, they had to have good lunch and they did! By late afternoon, we were kind of tired of the heat and walking around downtown so we ventured back to our house on JI and got ready for dinner at the beach. Blu was a great choice, I never realized they had such an extensive dinner menu. I had the pan-seared diver scallops with sweet corn risotto, which was awesome; however, I wasn't impressed by their desserts. Wasn't a fan of the creme brulee or the cobbler :(

Have any of yall ever been to Charleston and if so, what was YOUR favorite restaurant???

Wow, it's official.....

Maybe I really don't know what I'm doing with this whole blog thing. I have just been informed that I am a "no-reply" blogger! WTH?! I didn't even know that was a thing! Luckily, Lindsey over at Lounging with Lindsey was able to get me some info to hopefully fix the problem. I was kind of wondering why I haven't been getting any comments lately, I thought maybe my blog really wasn't that exciting or something afterall lol.
Thank you so much and I can't want to actually start talking to yall!! :D

EDIT: Ok, I didn't fix it the first time, but I think it's really fixed now yay!! Comment away! Pls? :)

September 5, 2012

Catching up - Insta Tuesday!

Decided to join in on Insta Tuesday even though it's Wednesday (still trying to catch up from the long weekend). I also thought this would be a good way to share a few photos from our long weekend in Hendersonville, NC until I get the rest of the pics uploaded :)
I wore my new-ish Lilly Pulitzer skirt to work on Friday and on our drive up to NC.
Blue Ridge Mountains

Mountain Roads
Myself and S and his 'Blue Steel' look...he's so silly :p

Riding in the backseat.

Back home in Charleston!
I have lots more pictures from this weekend and will get them up soon, promise! Did everyone else have a nice holiday weekend??

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