September 6, 2012

My favorite time of year....

It's getting to be a little cooler not so hot and humid (at night), pumpkin spice lattes are coming back, fair season will be starting soon and it's RESTAURANT WEEK in Charleston!

When I lived back up north, I always loved to take advantage of Restaurant Week in NYC because that was sometimes the only time I could afford to eat at some of those restaurants. Now that I am here in Charleston, I still love taking advantage of RW. It really just gives me an excuse to go out to eat at some of the best restaurants downtown and get an appetizer, entree, and dessert :p

Once it was announced, the girls and I decided that since we hadn't really gotten together in a while, we should do a girls' night. Sooo, last night we all met downtown at 82 Queen. It is one of S and I's favorite restos. He swears by the shrimp & grits and I just think they can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I had a blast catching up with the ladies and even made a new friend who I found out grew up probably 5 miles from me in CT, went to the same college (UConn), and yet I just met her yesterday in Charleston. Such a small world!

Our waiter was a terrible photographer.

Tonight, S and I are going out with another couple that we are friends with and our friend Krista is going to tag along at Lowcountry Bistro. Now before yall are like, "hey, isn't Lowcountry Bistro owned by the same peeps as 82 Queen? And, has pretty much the same menu?" Yes, that is true, however, I have never been to Lowcountry Bistro and I didn't exactly have all the say in where we are eating. Regardless, I am excited to check out a new place and get to see some of my bestest friends.

It has already been a crazy week and there is still so much more to do! I don't think I mentioned it, but my friend, Laura, from CT was in Atlanta over the weekend for Dragon*Con (yah, she's a bit nerdier than me) and she really wanted to get together. The best plan we could come up with was for her to FLY from Atlanta to Charleston on Tuesday morning and then fly back to Atlanta the next morning just to check her back again an hour later and fly from Atlanta to CT. She's a little nuts, but she informed me that she is moving to Santa Monica in November so I couldn't let an opportunity to hangout pass us by.
We had a lot of fun being touristy around downtown and we had an awesome lunch at Eli's Table and dinner at Blu on Folly Beach. Btw, I highly recommend BOTH places!! Eli's Table quickly became one of S and I's favorite brunch spots, but we had never gone for anything other. I figured if they had good brunch, they had to have good lunch and they did! By late afternoon, we were kind of tired of the heat and walking around downtown so we ventured back to our house on JI and got ready for dinner at the beach. Blu was a great choice, I never realized they had such an extensive dinner menu. I had the pan-seared diver scallops with sweet corn risotto, which was awesome; however, I wasn't impressed by their desserts. Wasn't a fan of the creme brulee or the cobbler :(

Have any of yall ever been to Charleston and if so, what was YOUR favorite restaurant???

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