September 6, 2012

Thursday Seconds...

So I decided that since I'm still at work and I'm still bored, I am going to write a second post for today!
First, I am excited to say that I found a new blog-friend who also lives in Charleston. Her name is Lindsey and you can check her blog out here :) She is super cute and her hubby is in the Navy as well. They are also expecting their first little bundle of joy.
Next, I decided that I was going to surprise S today by getting my haircut. I didn't want him to know so I scheduled my appointment over my lunchbreak so he would have no idea. Maybe I didn't quite explain myself while I was there, but my hair doesn't look a whole lot different so we'll see if he even notices hah. I kind of don't like when my hairdresser styles my hair and I usually can't want to get home, wash it, and style it myself. So, once I do that, I will post before and after pics.
Next, I am really excited for this weekend. Tomorrow, I am volunteering on base at the 'Day of Caring' picnic with S and the 1st Class Petty Officers' Association. I love volunteering on base. It looks like it's going to be another hot one...when will it ever cool off in SC??? S also has a softball game tomorrow evening and then we are off to the lake again on Saturday. S has to teach sailing in the morning and since he found out that he doesn't have a softball game in the afternoon, we are free to take the Catalina out for the rest of the day :D
I'm a big fan of sailing....when there is wind. On a calm, blazing hot day? Not so fun.
While my friend Laura was here on Tuesday, we did some shopping downtown and I added a few more things to my fall wish list. I have included them below :)

I already bought these Kadiee flats from Steve Madden and got a great deal. They were already on sale then today, there was a coupon code for an additional 30% off!

I'm dying to get these boots, however, I have a really nice pair of Coach riding boots that I hardly wore last fall/winter because it was just never that cold. It still can't hurt to have another pair or two thought, right? These are Steve Madden and you can find them here.

And these, too! These are called Lainie and are by Born and you can find them here.

We stopped by Gap and it is always hit or miss for me there lately. I used to LOVE shopping at the Gap, but I think they changed designers because their stuff just isn't like it used to be. I did however find a few things that I think are going to have to find their way into my closet asap.

I need a cute denim skirt (to wear with above denim boots)!
{via Gap}
 And last, but not least...I am obsessed with stripes and I am definitely going to invest in both of these tops :)
{via Gap}

This top actually has patches on the elbows that you can't see in this pic, cute! 

{via Gap}
And, one more thing...I lied ;) I heart this jacket. It looks so soft, comfy, and warm!
{via Gap}
And that concludes my second post and it is time to go home and see my love yay! Have a good evening yall!

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Lindsey said...

I'm excited about boots! I've been in Hawaii the last 4 winters so there hasn't been a need, but I really want to get a pair this year. I'll see you at the game tomorrow!

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