October 31, 2012

Wednesday Walkabout!

Happy Halloween, Happy Hump Day, and Happy Wednesday Walkabout!
If you are stopping by for the walkabout, don't forget to say hi! :)

I may come across cheerful today, but I can assure you this little guy is keeping us up quite a bit at night.

I love him, but he literally bounces off the walls all evening long. It doesn't seem to matter how much I exercise this little guy when I get home, he just wants to play and play and play. I'm exhausted!

Anyone have any tips for keeping these little pups entertained?

October 30, 2012


I meant to share these photos a little while back, but I just never got around to it. I picked up these super cute flats at Steve Madden and the purse at the Vera Bradley outlet back when we visited Naples (ps - is it cheating if they are technically not Instagram photos?)

I thought they were all really great fall pieces!

I am very excited for tonight as it is going to be my first session with a trainer at Amped Fitness here in Charleston. I've never worked out with a trainer before, but I know that now is the time. I am in serious need of someone whipping me into shape and while I don't know if I plan on doing this for the long-term, I know that it is going to take someone other than just myself to help me get motivated. I am hoping to lose 20 lbs. by Christmas. It would be a great feeling to go home and have people who I haven't seen in a while, tell me that I look great. I know that might sound prentencious, but I need to feel good about myself again.

Another great reason for me to get into shape:

Weapons of Mass Reduction Fitness Challenge!

My girl, Becca, over at Southern Roots and Combat Boots is hostessing a little 30-day fitness challenge. My goal is to lose 10 lbs. by the end of this challenge which started yesterday. Wish me luck! And also, any healthy recipes for meals/snacks or other advice would be greatly appreciated :)

**Note to Becca: Sorry for not promoting the contest sooner, I didn't have my laptop while we were out of town =\

I have not been feeling good about myself (having to buy up a size in pants is not uplifting.) I used to play sports in high school and was always very active. As the years passed by, I found it harder and harder to make use of my gym membership and finally cancelled it. I'm sure most of you know what I mean when I say it's hard to find the energy to workout while working full-time and still finding time to cook dinner, do laundry, and all the other fun, social things that we like to do. I just have to keep reminding myself how much better and healthier I'll feel in the end. Not to mention that if there is a wedding dress and babies in my future, I best be getting started now! I also plan to document my progress to some extent in my blog, so feel free to cheer me on! ;)

Ok, sorry to turn this fun InstaTuesday post into a blah, I feel terrible about myself post. I know it's only Tuesday, but hope everyone is having a great week so far!

October 29, 2012

Weekend Update!

I am back in blogging action after our long weekend to Kentucky. I wasn't ignoring anyone, promise! I just got caught up this morning replying to comments, etc. I have however, been pretty good about keeping up on my reading. Looks like some of my blog peeps got to participate in some really fun Halloween/ Fall festivities :)

Where do I start?!

**Warning - This post is going to be photo overload of puppy cuteness.**

Wednesday after work, S and I hit the road to Lexington, KY to stay with his family for our long weekend.

NC Blue Ridge Mountains

We got in pretty late so we slept in a little the next morning until we had to get up and drive to Louisville to pick up our new little fur baby!

Now the purpose of our trip to Kentucky was not originally planned to pick up our little guy, but to go to the fall Keeneland meet to watch some horse racing. It just happened to work out perfectly that we were able to locate a family who just had a litter of German Short-haired Pointers in the area around the same time. I had been a little apprehensive about getting a puppy, but after some discussion, GSP was the breed that S and I decided on.

I'd like to introduce you to Gunner!

To be honest, he was a lot bigger than I expected him to be! He is 11 lbs right now and growing every day.

After spending the rest of Thursday at home, we decided to take Gunner on his first hike at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY. It was a relatively short hike and he did a great job! S and I had to take turns carrying him, but we knew that was to be expected.
 I couldn't believe how far you can see from the lookout!


 Tired little boy!
Beautiful fall day!
 After our hike and dinner on Friday, we got a bonfire going in the new fire pit. It was a beautiful night.

Saturday was Keeneland day and my first time attending a horse race. It.was.awesome. Out of 10 races, I picked at least 3 winners, but we still didn't really win a whole lot. We were betting very small amounts just to make the races a little more interesting. I had an awesome time.

It was windy and COLD. I was so happy that I opted to wear jeans and boots instead of a dress. The girls that wore short dresses and bare legs looked ridiculous on an overcast, freezing cold day. I was soo happy
to wear my cozy new scarf that I purchased from Etsy!

 The horses coming out to the track..
 And they're off!
It wasn't that crowded (probably because of the weather) and we got there early so we claimed our spot right up against the fence in front of the track. We couldn't have been any closer!

When we got home from Keeneland, S's mom whipped up some awesome chili, I made this cocktail, we got a fire going in the living room fireplace all while snuggled up with our new little pup and watched Avengers (again). It was the PERFECT fall evening. Oh, and it ended by taking a dip in the indoor hot tub, can't forget the best part!

We got back on the road around noon on Sunday to get back to Charleston. All in all, it was a great autumn weekend! I will leave you with a few more pictures overflowing with cuteness.

He lovesss playing with his lamb.

 Good morning horses! (S's family has six horses!)

 They were actually quite interested in him...
Gunner and Katie
 Sunset over the farm.<3
The end.

October 24, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting! Another linkup :)

This is a new linkup for me, but I loveeee Pinterest so I thought it would be fun to hookup with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for......

Mmmmm fall.....
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And one last thing that I will leave you with today.... I won't be able to take advantage because we will be driving all afternoon, but you definitely should!

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Wednesday Walkabout!

T-minus 3 hours until we leave for Kentucky! But until then, it is all about Wednesday Walkabout :) You can linkup here:

Yesterday while on my lunchbreak, I decided to go for a walk shopping. It is really dangerous yall, working right off King St. in Charleston, aka the best shopping in the city. I have JCrew, Gap, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Anthropologie (coming soon), Juicy Couture, in walking distance to my office. Not to mention Louis Vuitton, Tommy Bahama, Gucci, etc., etc. (hey, a girl can dream.)
I was really feeling JCrew yesterday and since I hadn't popped over in a while, I decided to check them out. I found a couple of really cute headbands which were on sale and a SUPER cute pair of socks that, gasp! Were not on sale. I just couldn't pass them up and they are the perfect weight to wear under my boots on our upcoming trip to Kentucky.

And to go along with the nautical theme, I thought I would throw this one in for good measure.

Apparently it is starting to become tradition that I wear my Lilly Pulizer anchor skirt on the days that we leave to go out of town. I guess it just reminds me of vacation and it's comfortable to wear while riding in the car for many hours at a time. You might be thinking it's a little late in the year to be wearing something so summery, and a skirt?! The high for today here in Charleston, is 81 degrees. Don't let those cool mornings/nights fool you, it is still not full on fall here in the lowcountry. I am super excited to get to wear these though this weekend in KY!

My Coach boots that I bought two or three years ago. They are amazing quality and have held up very well. FYI - I bought them on sale at Bloomingdales for $200, they were at least 50% off!

Oh, and this -

That I bought from here -

I got my scarf yesterday and I was sooo happy with it. It is so soft and warm and it fits perfectly. It was definitely worth every penny :)
The next couple hours are going to go by so slow, 12:00 please hurry!
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