October 5, 2012

A few more things...

I hooked up with Janna, over at Perception is Everything, and will be sending out a care package to one lucky soldier who is deployed. I got started right away and walked down to CVS to buy some goodies over my lunchbreak.

Do yall have any suggestions for items to send??

Perception Is Everything

Random note: First of all, I totally feel like a student again walking the streets of the campus where my new is. There are tons of people everywhere! I do however, feel slightly out of place because I'm one of the few who are actually dressed in business [casual] attire. I have noticed a couple things since starting work here, mostly about the girls: everyone has a cute pair of sunglasses, apparently leggings = pants, everyone is wearing flip-flops, flats, or tennis shoes (great choice, which I quickly learned is necessary on my first day when I decided to wear heels), and the outfit of choice seems to be those Nike running shorts with a tshirt and flip flops/tennis shoes. What I wouldn't give to get to wear that outfit everyday, don't think it would go over too well in the office though!

Lastly, here are a few pics of things that I have brought in to decorate my office so far :)

The beautiful flowers that S sent to me at work yesterday<3

I loved the color of this little dish and though it would be great on this table. I'm not really sure what to put in it though? Or if anything at all?

An awesome Wood Wick Autumn-scented candle and a couple girly, pretty picture frames that still need

An awesome Majestic Palm that S also bought me, I'm spoiled :p (I did not ask for either this or the flowers though, totally did it on his own!)
 A few things that I put on my bulletin board so far..

That's it for now. You may have noticed that I have Blogger up on my computer screen.. yah, it's a little slow around here right now :p And, you probably also thing that I'm crazily obsessing over my office, but I'm 20 or 30-something years old and it's the first time I've EVER had my own office! Oh, btw, everything I bought is from Home Goods! Best.store.ever.


Lindsey said...

Your office is looking cute!

Janna Renee said...

You are so cute! I'm so happy that you are excited! Good job on the office thus far!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh yes! I love Home Goods! They have such great stuff! Glad you are getting your office all put together! How cute! :)

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