October 7, 2012

October beach day....

I know everyone is so excited for fall, and believe me I am, too! But today was such a pretty day and toasty warm that after church and brunch, S and I decided to make it a beach day.

We picked up some bait on the way here so S could fish while I read on my Kindle [or nap or blog]. The water is still pretty warm here in Charleston so I thought I would take a dip before settling down into '50 Shades Freed' and to my surprise, about five feet to my left was a shark!! It was only about 3 ft. long, but a shark is a shark and I ran for my life lol. We've been trying to catch that shark ever since.

I can't believe how beautiful it is and there is absolutely no one around this part of the beach. We ventured out to the area past the Washout, by Morris Island Light and it couldn't be more perfect, we even saw dolphins :)

So here I am sprawled out on my giant Ron Jon Surf Shop beach blanket soaking up those last few rays of sun that the summer left behind.

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Monica said...

Yikes! I might have had a heartattack! Looks like a great time though!

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