October 8, 2012

There must be something in the water....


So I feel like there must be something in the water around here or maybe it's just the fact that S is in the military and we are friends with a few couples that he works with. Seems like these days, EVERYONE and their mothers are getting married except me. I'm trying to stay positive yall, but I can't say I don't think about it.

I probably haven't talked much about this because I usually like to keep my blog upbeat and not get into anything too personal, I'm about to get a little bit personal.

S's brother is getting married on November 17...Have I mentioned that's my birthday? Yah, don't get me started on that. It's a long story and those who are close to me know how I feel about that whole story.

We got an invite a couple weeks ago for a "post wedding party" for a friend of S's through work. I'm very happy for them, they are having a JOP wedding here with a small party then planning a destination wedding a few months later.

As if that's not bad enough, I feel like every other day I'm seeing this person getting engaged on facebook and that person is getting married. Ugh. I just got ANOTHER invite today for another one of S's work friends who got engaged over this past weekend. I don't know what kind of wedding it is exactly, but it's another "post wedding party" so I'm assuming JOP/courthouse style on November 10.

So while I sit here everyday thinking about marrying my sailor who I've been with for just shy of two years, everyone around me is tying the knot. S and I have talked a lot about getting married and I trust him and his judgement, but it is hard y'all. I'm not trying to be jealous of other people, and if you knew all the stories, you would know that I definitely am not. It is just hard being 30 and I feel like my clock is just ticking away...

Does anyone else know how I'm feeling or have any advice??


megan said...

Girrrrl, I know exactly how you feel. I was going through the same thing before Cameron and I got engaged. We were invited to 15 weddings in one year back in 2010!!! I would feel down, but then I would try to take my mind off of it because there was really nothing I could do about it. Just focus on making him feel special and letting him know how much you love him and the rest will come! Promise. :)

Jamie said...

Hang in there. I hope it happens soon.

Lindsey said...

Sad face! It'll happen. I know that I got married young, but I still felt like I was waiting forever for him to ask and when he finally did it was so worth the wait. It'll happen, and when it does it'll be awesome and special and your story will be better than everyone elses because you're doing things right. Just hang in there [like I know you will] and enjoy what you have going right now. Love you!

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