October 19, 2012


Happy Friday yall! I'm so happy that it's almost the weekend. I have some funnn stuff to talk about today :)

Next week is a short week for us as we will be heading off to Kentucky on Wednesday. I can't wait to pick up this little guy from Louisville on Thursday!!!!

Remember how I thought I was starting to get sick the other day? Well it turns out, I fought off whatever it was. I thought I was doomed to get the office bug, but I started taking medicine right away and within a day or two, I am feeling MUCH better.

Next, I got my personalized iPhone case in the mail the other day. As far as the design, I LOVE it. I still think my old case was a little bit stronger, but I think this one will definitely still protect it just fine. I was just anxious for a little change of scenery from the old plain purple case :)

I think the colors look a little lighter in person, but you get the idea. Btw, what do you think of my awesome Kentucky blue pants??! haha

It's been a little slow today at work so I have been reading through the Wedding Chicks blog. I found it a while back and love looking at all the pictures to get inspiration for my own wedding one day. I came across the cutest video ever. I've seen another one similar, but this is my favorite. I give this guy TONS of credit for coordinating this. It is absolutely cute and amazing and will definitely make you smile (if not tear up a bit like me.)

Today's post is just full of videos! Here is another one that I stole from Megan over at Fried Green Pickles. She is a fellow lowcountry resident. 
Charleston, SC was voted for the second year in a row, to be the BEST city in the U.S. by Conde Nast. This makes me so proud to say that I live in Charleston and I'm not the only one that thinks it's the best city in America. 
Well now if Charleston's secret wasn't already out last year, it definitely is now! Just make sure that if you ever decide to visit, drop a girl a line and let's hangout! There is so much to see and do here, I promise you will not be disappointed. (ps - Megan, when are we going to get to hang??!) :p
I have to run, because I'm off to have lunch with my girl, Kara! Hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!!


Jen said...

I know you are so excited to pick up the pup, can't wait to see more pictures.

Jane said...

Eeeeek! Puppy!! I am so excited for you guys! He is so cute! And, the case looks even better than in the pictures! Adorable!

Kate said...

Such a cute puppy!!!

I am dying to visit Charleston! It sounds like such a charming, fun place!

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog and the puppy you are getting is seriously the cutest little dog in the world (other than mine of course, haha!) What type of dog is it? He is so small and cute! Congrats on (almost) being a mommy! I love your new iPhone case! Where did you get it? Love the bright and bold colors on it (and yes your Kentucky blue pants too!!!!)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, that proposal is so good. I especially love the video she watched!!


sweet dog v♥♥♥♥

Rocio Otero said...

tu blog me encanta!


Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Such a sweet puppy!! I can't wait to see more pictures of him! Love your new iphone case too!

Anonymous said...

Aaaww! What a pretty puppy. Post more pictures when you get him.

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