October 31, 2012

Wednesday Walkabout!

Happy Halloween, Happy Hump Day, and Happy Wednesday Walkabout!
If you are stopping by for the walkabout, don't forget to say hi! :)

I may come across cheerful today, but I can assure you this little guy is keeping us up quite a bit at night.

I love him, but he literally bounces off the walls all evening long. It doesn't seem to matter how much I exercise this little guy when I get home, he just wants to play and play and play. I'm exhausted!

Anyone have any tips for keeping these little pups entertained?


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Awww he's so cute though!! Pet Smart sells these things called "KONGS" and you can fill them with peanut butter, or evens slip a dog treat inside. Keeps puppies busy forever!! Hope that works.

Happy Halloween love!


Jamie said...

When my boxer was a puppy and had endless energy, we bought a treadmill for him and ran him in the morning before we left for work and then took him out to the dog park or of a run every night. It was crucial..

Jane said...

I had a much smaller dog and he still had SO much energy it seemed like no matter how much I played with him he still had so much energy. My mom, kind of jokingly told me the best way to get out all his energy was to get another dog. lol I have to say it worked! But, two dogs are so much work. lol

Erica said...

Our pups are the same way. I'm always so tired in the evenings and they are both just tearing through the house. I need to figure out how to bottle some of that energy for myself one of these days. ;)

Kate said...

I second the kong suggestion. Try to find toys and treats that take 10 minutes to rip up instead of 2 ;)

I do not miss the puppy days. Our lab (now in dog heaven) destroyed everything and had so much energy! I miss her a lot but the puppy days are rough!

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