October 29, 2012

Weekend Update!

I am back in blogging action after our long weekend to Kentucky. I wasn't ignoring anyone, promise! I just got caught up this morning replying to comments, etc. I have however, been pretty good about keeping up on my reading. Looks like some of my blog peeps got to participate in some really fun Halloween/ Fall festivities :)

Where do I start?!

**Warning - This post is going to be photo overload of puppy cuteness.**

Wednesday after work, S and I hit the road to Lexington, KY to stay with his family for our long weekend.

NC Blue Ridge Mountains

We got in pretty late so we slept in a little the next morning until we had to get up and drive to Louisville to pick up our new little fur baby!

Now the purpose of our trip to Kentucky was not originally planned to pick up our little guy, but to go to the fall Keeneland meet to watch some horse racing. It just happened to work out perfectly that we were able to locate a family who just had a litter of German Short-haired Pointers in the area around the same time. I had been a little apprehensive about getting a puppy, but after some discussion, GSP was the breed that S and I decided on.

I'd like to introduce you to Gunner!

To be honest, he was a lot bigger than I expected him to be! He is 11 lbs right now and growing every day.

After spending the rest of Thursday at home, we decided to take Gunner on his first hike at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY. It was a relatively short hike and he did a great job! S and I had to take turns carrying him, but we knew that was to be expected.
 I couldn't believe how far you can see from the lookout!


 Tired little boy!
Beautiful fall day!
 After our hike and dinner on Friday, we got a bonfire going in the new fire pit. It was a beautiful night.

Saturday was Keeneland day and my first time attending a horse race. It.was.awesome. Out of 10 races, I picked at least 3 winners, but we still didn't really win a whole lot. We were betting very small amounts just to make the races a little more interesting. I had an awesome time.

It was windy and COLD. I was so happy that I opted to wear jeans and boots instead of a dress. The girls that wore short dresses and bare legs looked ridiculous on an overcast, freezing cold day. I was soo happy
to wear my cozy new scarf that I purchased from Etsy!

 The horses coming out to the track..
 And they're off!
It wasn't that crowded (probably because of the weather) and we got there early so we claimed our spot right up against the fence in front of the track. We couldn't have been any closer!

When we got home from Keeneland, S's mom whipped up some awesome chili, I made this cocktail, we got a fire going in the living room fireplace all while snuggled up with our new little pup and watched Avengers (again). It was the PERFECT fall evening. Oh, and it ended by taking a dip in the indoor hot tub, can't forget the best part!

We got back on the road around noon on Sunday to get back to Charleston. All in all, it was a great autumn weekend! I will leave you with a few more pictures overflowing with cuteness.

He lovesss playing with his lamb.

 Good morning horses! (S's family has six horses!)

 They were actually quite interested in him...
Gunner and Katie
 Sunset over the farm.<3
The end.


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

The mountains are beautiful right now! We are heading to Toccoa, GA this coming weekend. Super cute pups!


Jen said...

OMG!!! I want that puppy! So cute.

Jane said...

Omg puppy love!! Gunner is SO cute! He looks so wise. lol I think he will be the perfect fit for you guys!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Gunner is absolutely precious!!! My BIL and SIL have a GSP too!!! I love all the puppy pictures, keep them coming!!!

Ashleigh said...

Gunner is adorable! That looks like a great weekend :)

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

Oh my goodness! What a cutie! I love the name Gunner too... gorgeous photos!

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