November 27, 2012

Birthday pressies!

I just realized that I never shared with you all what S got me for my birthday last week :)

Side note: I had bought myself a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers a couple years ago, but when I moved, they mysteriously disappeared. I won't get into what I really think happened.

So, I was asking my old roommate recently if she remembered seeing them anywhere and she hadn't so I was kind of bummed out that they went missing. Then, my birthday rolled around and I got these!

They aren't the "original" Wayfarers, they are the updated/modern ones? I like them just the same though. They are very cute and S did a good job picking them out :) I also vow to never lose them.

S's birthday is coming up around the corning as well (Dec. 1) and funny story, I had already planned on buying him a new pair of shades. He has mentioned on several occasions that he wants a pair of Costas and these are the ones I picked out.


Hope he likes them!

What do you all have picked out for your boyfriends/hubbys/significant others for the holidays?


Jen said...

Love them!!! :) Since we are buying a house that is our gift for Christmas. :)

Dabbling in Dixie said...

I got my boyfriend a pair of Costas for his birthday in September! He loves them. I got the blue lenses but the same frame :) You should grab a pair of croakies too! My S's are always hanging around his neck when we go in a store or something because he doesn't want to 'stretch them out' ;)

For Christmas I had the windows of his new truck tinted. I always ask him for a list and he always surprises me :)

kaitlyn. said...

I had a lot of things mysteriously disappear the last time I moved, and by that I mean I'm 99% certain that my roommate's mom took them :)

I couldn't think of ANYTHING to get A for Christmas so I finally decided to do a basket of 12 dates, one for each month. Hoping he likes it!

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

Those raybans are super cute! I like the Costas a lot too! Boys are so hard to shop for, I know i'm getting mine a new pair of running shoes and a pair of casual sneakers to wear everyday... not sure what else though!

Lindsey said...

Nothing!!! Worst wife ever!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

Ooo nice sunglasses! And, I love that you guys totally were on the same wavelength with presents!

Megan said...

I haven't done any Christmas shopping for presents, yet. Oops!! Haha.

Jamie said...

My husband is hard. I am going to do a new cologne for sure though. Thats all I've decided so far.

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

My husband is impossible to buy for, but he needs a new pair of Costa's.. so that will be his Christmas gift! And he gave me sunglasses for my birthday too... but that's okay lol, because you always need sunglasses!!!


Sarah at LOVE, sje said...

I bought my hubby a pair of Maui Jim's one year and he LOVED them. We've never owned Costa's but I know many people who LOVE them :)

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