November 1, 2012

I can't believe it's November!

Happy November everyone and happy birthday month to me! I cannot believe a whole year has passed and I am just a mere 16 days away from my special day. It boggles my mind that I am going to be 31 this year! Yes, you heard that right. 31!!! I have to say that I'm not ashamed to say that. Mostly because people still think that I'm 25 and that is OK with me.

Here is a little flashback to this time last year...

Southern Ground Music & Food Festival (Zac Brown Band)
 Carolina/ Citadel Game

 Vickery's Oyster Roast (which is coming up again THIS Sunday!!)
 Pretty self-explanatory.

I had an absolute blast celebrating last year, it pretty much lasted a whole week. We started off with the Vickery's Oyster Roast the weekend before, dinner at Blossom with S on the actual day, dinner with all my friends at Social and out to Mad River for dancing all night on Friday, then ended the week with the Carolina v. Citadel game in Columbia. I don't think I'll be able to top it all this year.

This year is different. We have a wedding reception the weekend before, a wedding on my actual birthday (which we will be out-of-state for in Tennessee for the whole weekend), Thanksgiving is the weekend after and S's birthday is the weekend after that! S has already reminded me not to worry because no matter where we are, he will make my birthday special. He is the sweetest<3 I know that even if I don't have a big celebration, it will still be special as long as I'm with him.

Speaking of weddings, I put in my order for the dress that I'm going to rent for S's brother's wedding (on my bday). I couldn't decide on just one and you all gave such great feedback, that I ordered one dress PLUS a backup (and also because they threw in a little deal for that.) In case you forgot, here they are -

 {via} by Trina Turk
{via} by Shoshanna

I guess I will just wait to see which one fits me better and that will be the overall winner :)

Next order of business - I decided that since I don't do any advertising or sell space on my blog, I am going to start featuring 5 blogs each week, from Thursday to Thursday. No fees, no obligations, just me wanting to spread the word about some of my favorite blogs. I get disappointed sometimes after I've read through all the new posts on Google Reader that there aren't anymore to read! Maybe I need some new ones to follow :) I would love to hear some suggestions for blogs that y'all love to read!

My top 5 for today are the following -

If you have a button, I will also snag that and put it up on my blog for all to see :)

PS - Tomorrow is FRIDAY!


Ashleigh said...

I love the idea of renting a dress! I've never done it but may have to look into it :)

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

All wonderful times it looks like! Happy birthday month to you! I can't believe that it's almost 2013.. woah does time fly by or what!?

Love your featured blogs- I follow most of them! :)


megan said...

You're so sweet to feature my blog! I definitely wouldn't have guessed that you'd be turning 31! But then again, it still blows peoples' minds that I'll be 29 in December. Cheers to baby faces! :)

SJ said...

I love the maroon dress! Happy early birthday as well!!

Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

The fact that it's November is blowing my mind as well! So much change this month!!!

Jen said...

I love the dresses! So beautiful. :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I love Zac Brown Band! One of my husband's co-workers actually got to sing with him at a concert one time! :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the shout out! Especially since I've hardly posted in the last couple weeks. I seriously suck at blogging right now. Hopefully I get caught up this weekend!

Kate said...

I rarely get my google reader below 1000. I have way too many blogs. I can't keep up! But I do love finding new blogs to read said...

Visiting from Wednesday Walkabout. Happy birthday. I loved the second dress. I need to add more blogs to my bloglovin.

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