November 22, 2012


I'm so thankful for my amazing family and friends; my sweet, handsome, and loving Shaun; a warm (or cool when it's SC hot) home; a great new job that I love; and last but not least, Shaun's family (who may as well be my family) for having me over to celebrate Thanksgiving now two years in a row. Hope you are all having a great day, Happy Thanksgiving (y'all)!

PS - Guess his cover is blown, "S" is Shaun ;)


Janna Renee said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are onto you Shaun, code name "S". Haha.

Jo MyGosh said...

Hello from a Navy fiancee and fellow blogger! :-) Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Jen said...

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! :)

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