December 11, 2012

Are you a "no-reply blogger"???

Ever wonder why no one ever responds to your comments? Not feeling any blog-love? It might be because you are a "no-reply blogger". I used to be one, but Lindsey helped bring this to my attention - now we are great friends and people can actually respond to my comments :) 

I found a simple tutorial online to help fix this problem:

{All credit goes to Diana @}

Hope this helps! There are so many lovely ladies that comment on my blog and I hate not being able to respond. Good luck!


Dabbling in Dixie said...

Thank you! I was sure I'd changed all my settings properly but now this is super helpful :) Thanks girl!! You're a blogging guru ;)

Jen said...

It makes me sad when I see no-reply....I want to be able to respond to everyone.

Miss Bat said...

Weird, I never knew I was a no-reply blogger! Fixed now, hopefully! :)

Lindsey said...

Changing the world one blogger at a time. You go, girl! Lol.

Eights on the Move said...

I have absolutely NO idea what any of it means but I checked it & changed it. Thanks for your help :)

Nicole said...

This is a great topic to post about. I just recently changed from a "no-reply" blogger to a social, engaging blogger. I hope others are helped by this post!

Caitlin A. Cleland said...

Yes! Thank you for this!

Becca Moss said...

Do you know how to change it if you're through google+? I keep seeing these on how to change it and have even got a comment on how but my account is linked through google+.

Also, I'm your newest follower! Fellow army wife and mama. (:
Looking forward to reading your blog!


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