December 13, 2012

Thursday's Featured Blogs!

First off, I have some great news. Our "house guest" departed on Tuesday afternoon, which was a great relief to S and I. I said, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" I immediately felt the stress leave out the door right behind him. I'm so happy to be back to peace and quiet. Now I can finish my Christmas shopping, get the house ready for our 2nd Annual Christmas Dinner (on Sunday with our SC friends) and get ready to go home to CT in exactly one week! So much to do!

Being Thursday, I have five more great blogs for you all to check out. I am also thinking about doing a button swap so if this is something that you might be interested in doing, please comment below and let me know!

Bethany @ Love the Grows
Sarah Grace @ Gracefully Made

Tomorrow is Friday YAY! And the the most exciting thing that I'm doing tomorrow is going to Costco, I love our simple, happy life.<3
{I felt like that called for a pic and this is one of my faves (: }


DIY Davis Style said...

I'd LOVE to do a button swap with you :) and I can totally relate to the "Don't have to go home but cha can't stay here" relief!

Brooke said...

YAY! Thank you so, so much : ) This is so sweet!

meg said...

Girl, you are the sweetest! Thanks so much for the feature. My button-making skills are lower than primitive, but after I figure that out, I would definitely love to swap with you!

Sarah at LOVE, sje said...

A "button swap" sounds like one thing to me but I have a feeling it is something totally different then what I am thinking...ha!

Lindsey said...

You finally have a button. Totally swapping, duh!

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

Love the pic and I'd love to do a button swap! Now I just need to design one :)

Eights on the Move said...

I'd love to do a button swap :) Let's do it!

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