December 17, 2012

Weekend Update, a heavy heart, and some good news, too.

This, by far, has been one of the craziest of weekends in a while. I blog today with a heavy heart after hearing word of the Newtown tragedy in my home state of Connecticut on Friday. It hit way too close to home and makes me so sad to see our neighbors having to go through a time like this at Christmas. My heart hurts to think of all the families who lost a loved one that day and to think that they will not get to see their excited child's face on Christmas morning. I feel like there is just absolutely nothing sadder.

The town that I am from in CT, the town I still call home, is very much like the community of Newtown. Just a small, suburban, middle-class town off I-84 between Hartford and Danbury; I am very familiar with the area. I'm sure Sandy Hook Elementary is practically identical to the elementary school that I attended and I have friends from Newtown and the surrounding areas who's families, I can imagine, are in shambles. As you know, Connecticut is very small and nothing is ever more than an hour away. When something like this happens, it effects everyone.

Although this weekend did not get off to a very good start, Saturday brought some very much welcomed GOOD news! You see, Lindsey and I were having a little girls' day complete with lunch at EVO and Christmas shopping. While perusing the Exchange on the AF base, Lindsey's (who was 37 weeks preggo) water broke! Even though we joked at lunch about her going into labor that day, I don't think either one of us had any clue what to do at that point! Since her hubby was at home, a little ways away, he instructed her to have ME drive her to the hospital and he would meet us there.

I'm not sure who was more nervous at this point (I tried not to show it, Linds!) Shortly after arriving at the hospital, TJ showed up and took over. Not long after I left, they welcomed Liam Thomas at 5:00 pm on the dot! I am still in shock that we were chatting over lunch just a few hours earlier, but I couldn't be happier for Lindsey and TJ and happy that I could be somewhat of a help :p 

Hop on over here to meet baby Liam! 

On Sunday, we had a few friends over (minus Lindsey and TJ haha) for "Christmas Dinner". We had a great time with good food and even better friends. I can't wait to go home to CT on Thursday for 16 days! It will be nice to be home again since 70 degrees in SC just does not feel like Christmas to me and I haven't been home since May. 

Now I will leave you with some weekend photos:

New fuzzy socks and hometown love.
 Cute puppy collage :)

  Hope everyone has a great week!



Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

I'm glad that your weekend was brightened by such great news! Congrats to Lindsey! Also, your pup is absolutely adorable :)

Sarah at LOVE, sje said...

My prayers are with everyone in sad!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Congrats to your friends on the arrival of Liam! Way to step up and drive her to the hospital! :)

Jen said...

Congrats to your friends, what a wonderful blessing. :)

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

just came across your blog! I'd love for you to come check out mine. Follow each other?

Dabbling in Dixie said...

Love the fuzzy socks!! Glad you got to be apart of bringing some good into the world :)

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