January 22, 2013

Weekend Update!

I know it's Tuesday, but I'm still jumping on the Weekend Update bandwagon. S and I both had a long weekend due to MLK's birthday and we loved every minute of it. Before I go into great detail about doing not much of anything, I want to highlight a couple posts that you might want to check out :)
First, I've noticed lately that a lot of my new followers are "no-reply" bloggers. Many of you have commented on posts, but I am unable to respond through email because of the dreaded  <noreply-comment@blogger.com>. You can find a tutorial on how to fix this problem on a post that I did here.

Also, Kelly, over at Sparkles and Shoes, did a post over the weekend with the title, "What's in a Name? Kelly Takeover" Here she blogs about her love for her name (and mine!) and she goes on to highlight several other blogs by ladies with the name, Kelly. You can check that post out here! Thanks for the shoutout, girlfriend!

On to the weekend!

S had mentioned wanting sushi for dinner last week, but since I had already planned out all of our meals for the week (and I was determined to stay on track) I promised him that we would go over the weekend. On Friday night, we headed to Bushido (my fave!!) with a friend of ours and it was bomb, as always.

Saturday, we had orginally planned a day that involved going to the gun range and shooting in the afternoon followed by Snuggie giveaway night at the Stingrays game. Our plans changed at the last minute and we decided to head to Taste of Folly with friends in the afternoon and beach time for the pups then we headed over another friend's house that evening for a beer pong tournament. Playing beer pong in someone's garage was very reminiscent of my college/ early post-college days haha.

Some quality Saturday morning snug-time.

At Folly, where Gunner met one of his cousins.

On Sunday, S decided to go play some bball with the guys then watch some football. This gave me a chance to go spend some of the gift cards that I got for Christmas and take Gunner to the beach again since it was such a nice day.

Snuggin with mom after S left.

Lazy pup.

Toes in the water at Isle of Palms.

Water dog!

We really didn't do much yesterday.. Most of the day was spent having a Mad Men marathon then we decided to go to Red's at Bohicket for oysters with a friend. I love going there and it felt great to finally get out of the house.

Did anyone do anything fun and exciting over the three-day weekend???


Sarah at LOVE, sje said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Your dog is precious!

Jen said...

When a fun weekend!!! :) I love the beach pictures.

Lisa said...

Must be nice to live so close to the beach!

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