February 19, 2013

Don't forget...

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Even thought I've lived in Charleston for over two years now, I still get a little homesick from time to time. I am hoping to get to see my parents at the end of April while they are down at their Florida house.

I would also love to spend a week or so up north this summer, I am just dying to bring S up to the Cape. I used to go every summer when I lived back home and it's definitely one of the things that I miss the most (besides family and friends of course!)

S reminded me last night that there are a lot of places that he wants to take me in Kentucky, too, but that we don't have to worry about trying to squeeze everything in as soon as possible. We'll have the rest of forever to see and do all the things we want. 

I was just thinking how amazing it will be to one day take our kids to all these places that we love. I guess they will have really lucked out, having parents who are from two completely different parts of the country.

Have you ever moved away from home? What are some of your favorite places to visit??

Edit: I almost forgot! Amy over at Trials and Triumphs of Loving my Sailor is featuring S and I today for Military Love Stories month! You can check out my post here and read about our love story :)


Meg said...

Oh man, I recognize Harbor Town anywhere :) Cute photo of your parents! We used to go to Hyannis all the time when I was little - I loved it! I love your attitude - and you are lucky to have family all over the place!

Kerr said...

I am from Kentucky! I have lived here 13 years, moved here for college and never left :)

Anonymous said...

That's where I was born! I haven't been back there since I was 2, though, so it's definitely on my list of places to visit. I moved to Charleston from NJ just under 2 years ago, and while I absolutely love it here, I definitely get homesick. It's been so much fun exploring everywhere that is in driving distance from Charleston that I never would have experienced had I stayed in NJ!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww, it WILL be so fun to take your kids to all these places someday! I remember when we got to see my dad's childhood home when I was a kid. It was fun. :)

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

LOVED reading your story on her blog, I was always bummed that you didn't have it posted on here - it's super nice to get to know the two of you better :)

I love this post too, I have a very long mental list of places I need to bring my kids to one day... I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so far in advance!

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