February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday, Week #11!

Happy Day! It's Friday woo hoo!

I hope everyone had a great week!

Honor Courage Commitment

It was a sad week this week because I finally had to break up with my trainer. It was just getting to be too heavy on the wallet and I thought that I could benefit more from going to the gym and taking classes than just working out with him 2x a week for 30 minutes. It was a tough decision, but I'm over it :)

This week, I got a guest pass to East Shore Athletic Club (ESAC) to check out some of their facilities and try some classes. The first location that I visited in West Ashley, NOT a fan. Didn't like it. I took a Body Pump class there and the class itself was great (I've taken Body Pump before), but wasn't a huge fan of the instructor OR the facility. 

Yesterday, I went to the Mt. Pleasant location on Johnnie Dodds and loved it. I took Body Pump again and LOVED the instructor. The facility is a little bit older, but I like the layout better and they have a pool, racquetball, a yoga room, etc. I foresee another visit in the near future :)

This week:
Monday - Body Pump (55 min.)
Tuesday - off (I was beyond sore from BP!)
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - off (SEWE Gala)
Today - Run
Saturday - I'll probably do some kind of class (Yoga, Body Pump, CX Worx)

I haven't been the best about planning our meals over the last week or two, but I am ready to dive back in!

Monday -We have a tennis lesson at 6, so we'll probably just do Subway or Jersey Mike's.
 Tuesday - Individual-sized Turkey Meatloaves
Thursday - Mahi Grill Packets or Mahi Tacos
Friday -  Grill Pizzas (this is kind of a Friday go-to, but we still have yet to make them because we've gone out to eat the past couple Fridays hehe)

Here is a little motivation for you for the next week!

On another note, I am soo excited for this weekend! The gala that we went to last night was part of the kickoff for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. I am really looking forward to events like the DockDog Competition and the Bird of Prey Flight Demonstration. I've never been to SEWE, but I've heard that it's really fun and I can't wait to see some cool animals :)

What are y'all up to this weekend????

(Gala re-cap and SEWE pictures to come next week!)


Sarah said...

Thanks for another fitness friday!!


Jen said...

Sounds like you made the right decision by breaking up with your trainer. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Body Pump sounds awesome. p.s. Just noticed you've got 100 followers. Congrats!

Nicole said...

Love this Fitness Friday linkup. It may just be the accountability I need to get myself in gear.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So glad you enjoyed the new gym location! Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up! :)

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