February 1, 2013

FItness Friday, week #9!

TGIF and Happy Fitness Friday!

Honor Courage Commitment

Hope you all have been having a great week! Can you believe it's already the first day of February?! I sure can't. I can already see the temperatures getting warmer on the 10-day forecast. Hopefully they stay up there, but you know what that means? Just that much less time until beach season, at least for us Southerners ;)

I changed up my fitness routing a little bit this past week. 
Here we go -

Last Friday - 30 minute run
Saturday - 30 minute run
Sunday - off
Monday - 30 minutes with trainer
Tuesday - 30 minute run
Wednesday - Express Barre class and 1 hour hot Power Yoga!
Thursday - off (I was BEAT from Wednesday)

I was planning to get a good run in today after work and tomorrow, but I feel like I'm coming down with whatever S has had the past few days :( Hopefully this doesn't last long, I'm anxious to start stretching my runs out a bit longer than usual..

Meals for Feb. 4-8:

Mon. - Chicken Parm & Salads

Tues. - Grilled Swordfish or Tuna w/ Roasted Veggies

Wed. - Turkey Burgers w/ Avocado

If you haven't figured it out already, I am not a fan of bland and boring foods. I understand the importance of eating healthy, but I refuse to give up taste or quality. I am always looking for new recipes to add to our normal rotation. Please feel free to share any that you may have in mind!

Also, have any of you ever tried a Barre class or any type of yoga? I loved the hot yoga I did the other day and have done Bikram before, it's amazing! I'd love to get back into Bikram and hope I can soon (it's a bit pricey). What are your thoughts on yoga, Pilates, Barre, etc?

Hope you all have a great Super Bowl weekend, go team!


Christina said...

that scallop pasta looks SO good! happy weekend!

Lisa said...

I really want to try Barre, but the only studio that offered it here closed.

Kelly said...

Aww boo :( To be honest, it wasn't really my favorite. It's like a cross between Pilates and ballet. It was painful and I've been working out pretty consistently for a while! Not sure if I'll be back..

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Those fajitas sound amazing! I might have to try them this week. I'm so jealous you can go to barre and hot yoga. I wish I had those things around me!

Kerr said...

I go to barre evolution and I love it!

Jen said...

I sure hope you don't get sick!

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