February 5, 2013

Weekend Update!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had a fun Super Bowl Sunday! We had a pretty nice weekend aside from the fact that I was fighting a cold (thanks S!)

Going back to Thursday -
I left work a little early to make my way over to base so I could attend S's award ceremony :) He had been awarded 'Instructor of the Quarter' twice last year and because of that, he was also nominated and being awarded for making 'Command Instructor of the Quarter'. I didn't get to attend his last award ceremony so I was very excited this time around.

I felt extremely proud to see S up there, being honored by the whole command. He is such a hard worker and focused on his career in the Navy, I just know there are many more great things to come for him.

On Friday: 
I don't have any pictures, but we went out to O-Ku for sushi with Lindsey, her hubs, and baby Liam! It was so fun to get out and have a nice dinner (and sangria) with friends. We definitely need to do that more often with them.

I had to get up a little early to help out a friend in the morning. My friend Krista owns a catering business called In Season Catering. She's awesome and I've always wanted to have the chance to give her a hand in the kitchen. She had to go out of town for a couple days so I helped her out by finishing a few loose ends for a client to pick up.

I finished up these delicious chicken pot pies for her, wish I could've taken one home for myself!

After I got home, we brought Gunner to the dog park at JICP. He had a blast, as always, and found himself another new friend. When I first saw the other dog, another German Short-haired Pointer, I thought it was Gunner! They are almost twins.

Beautiful SC day.

Gunner is on the left, his new friend Banks is on the right. So cute!

I think S and I worked up an appetite just watching those pups run around so we headed out to Crab Shack at Folly Beach for a late lunch and local oysters.

We were really bad and ordered some other fried delicious-ness (green tomatoes, scallops, and shrimp) then called it a day. S literally passed out on the couch by 8pm and I stayed up watching Hunger Games. Nothing like a rowdy Saturday night!

On Sunday, I made delicious homemade pimiento cheese and got together a few other things to bring over to our friends' house for Super Bowl. I just realized that I only snapped a pic of the cheese and nothing else, oops!
 One was jalapeno and one was bacon, YUM!!

I posted the Pimento Cheese recipe last week and I highly recommend it! It was super easy and definitely delicious. I also loved the fact that using my stand-up Kitchen Aid made it a breeze (Linds - you know you have no excuse not to make this for TJ now lol and I'm sorry! Consider it just another fun recipe to make with your new mixer :)

So that's pretty much it! Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week.


Jen said...

What an incredible honor for your hubby!! :) I know you are so proud.

Lindsey said...

We definitely need to go to dinner more often! I'm glad you used your mixer to make that cheese since we were talking about how you never use yours at dinner. Speaking of pimento cheese, TJ brought home the whole bowl of bacon pimento, so we have your bowl, lol!

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