March 2, 2013

#ClubSexy Cara Box Reveal!

I think I'm probably a little late on this, but it's the first opportunity I've had to post about it! Last month, I participated in the Cara Box exchange. It was my first time and it was pretty fun! 

The Cara Box exchange is a sort of linkup(?) where you are paired up with one other person, you email back and forth to get to know them, stalk their blog a bit, etc. Then you put together a little somethin-somethin for them and send it on it's way!

For February, I was paired up with Anna at The Things I'm Learning. It was great getting to know her and you can check out the great (and delicious!!) things that she sent me below. I'd also like to point out that she is also from South Carolina so it was also awesome getting to know another SC blogger :)

The theme of February's Cara Box was #ClubSexy in the spirit of Valentine's Day.
Sorry I'm not sorry that I snuck into that box of Russell Stover's before I had the chance to take a picture :p Oh, and  I LOVE Moose Munch!!

The person that I was assigned to send a box to was Beth, also an SC blogger, over at Whiskey Tango Hello! Check out her blog to see what I got her!

I'm looking forward to linking up again in March for the Cara Box exchange :)

Cara Box


Lindsey said...

Fun! I wonder if I'd have better luck doing a Cara Box... lol.

Jen said...

Oh that chocolate caramel corn looks amazing! :)

Meg said...

This looks like so much fun - I will definitely be participating in march :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that caramel corn...

Janna Renee said...

Yay!! I can see your blog again! I would have broken into the chocolate too!

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