March 29, 2013

**Fitness Friday, Week #17!! & Giveaway Winner**

TGIF and Happy Fitness Friday!!

Honor Courage Commitment

Most of you probably know that I ran the Color Me Rad 5k last weekend, so much fun!! This week has also been great as far as my workouts go. 

Workout Log:
Saturday - CMR
Sunday - Off
Monday - Body Pump
Tuesday - 3.18 mile run
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - Off, since S is going to be out of town this weekend, we celebrated Easter last night by attending an early Easter service at our church and having a dinner afterward :)
Friday - See below.....

**Update - last night as I was driving home from work, I got rear-ended by some college student who wasn't paying attention ugh. I so saw it coming. Going to get my neck and back checked out this morning although I don't think it's anything serious. Hopefully it won't hold me back too much!**

 I've recently discovered the awesomeness that is the MapMyRun app. I've always had a difficult time measuring out my runs and was never really sure of exactly how far or how fast I was running.

Please disregard my horrible times, I'm not a fast runner.

The MapMyRun app uses GPS to track you while running. It logs things such as time, distance, and splits. When you're through, it even shows you a little map image of your run route. I especially love how it records your splits so you can see how each mile differs.

The app also counts calories burned, but I don't know how accurate that is. I think I will stick to my HRM for now (which I didn't use on this run so I don't really know for sure.)

Speaking of my HRM....

I am loving it! If you recall, I had a little difficulty with it the first couple times out. The instructions direct you to place the chest strap so that the sensor is centered. I was finding that whenever I did this, it would stop picking up my heartbeat within a few minutes of starting my work out, booo. 

I played around with it a little and found that it works much better if I place the sensor over my left ribs (since that is where my heart is duh) and it's been working great ever since. Another tip that I've found helpful is that the strap must be very wet, as in soaked in water before you put it on. I think the water acts like a conductor so that the sensor can more easily pick up your heart beat.

Polar has a website called where you can upload your workouts from your device for tracking purposes. I have yet to register my HRM and do this, but it sounds pretty cool so I can't wait to check it out!

My last fitness product shout out today goes to MiO Fit. I picked this up last weekend and it's pretty good! I do like Powerade and Gatorade, but I could do without the added sugar.

What are some of your favorite fitness-related products???

Lastly, today is the day that Lindsay and I are announcing the winner of our Fitness Friday Giveaway!

CONGRATS JILL from Joodles Doodles!!!

(I'll be sending you an email to get your info :)


Heather Fox said...

Did your polar come with a USB? Mine didn't so I can't use the website. I think that I have the same one, but could be wrong. Hope it is nothing serious with your back!

Jen said...

So sorry that you got in an accident!!! :(

Brad Adams said...

They also make an app called MapMyRide for cycling for cycling. I think it's fabulous because I can tell how far I have ridden and how fast! You can always push yourself to do better this way.

Eights on the Move said...

Look at you burning all those cals! I've been wait out of the loop for awhile - my apologies! Hoping to get back into the swing of blogging things soon :) Just wanted to pop in & give you some fitness props!! I'm recommitting to workout out & eating better so I'm hoping to link up soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm so excited! Also, I just have to say that Map My Run is an app that I use every time I run. It's an amazing way to keep track of past runs and it even gives me updates when my friends complete workouts! Thanks again for the giveaway. :D :D :D

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