March 27, 2013

**Oh, How Pinteresting!**

Now that we are going to be moving out of a townhome apartment and into a real, grown-up house, there are sooo many fun projects that I am just dying to get into!

S has already expressed an interest in "building" something and since we'll have the great big two-car garage, he'll have the perfect spot for a workshop. I have already commissioned him to build me a dining room table :p

Pottery Barn better watch out once we move, I cannot wait to start chipping away at all of the pretty things pinned to my 'For the Home' board! Here are some other ideas that I have for the new house.

Source: viaKelly on Pinterest

Source: viaKelly on Pinterest

Source: Kelly on Pinterest

Would someone care to hook me up with some pallets and a Pottery Barn credit card that has no limit??? Kthx. :)
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Lisa said...

If y'all have a Kirklands, they have some similar d├ęcor items like the ones you have here but for much cheaper.

Mrs.B said...

LOVE everything! I can't wait until you start decorating so I can ooooo and awweee over everything. haha

Lori Vann said...

Check online too, there are so many pottery barn knockoff tutorials out there. Those shell/starfish hooks though are amazing, and I think I need those for my bathroom (beachy theme!)

I wish my porch was deep enough for that pallet bench, so cute!

Your style seems similar to mine.

Kristen said...

Cute! I love all the white and neutrals. My husband calls me boring, but I just think it's so darn cozy!

Susannah said...

What gorgeous inspiration for your new home!!! :-)

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Oh I love the beach-y feel! Such great taste!

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