April 10, 2013

**Running Shoe Recommendations**

Happy Hump Day!!

I am in desperate need of new running shoes these days and I'm hoping to get some feed back from all of you. Last Spring, while training for the Bridge Run, I bought my first pair of Brooks...

I went to a fancy shop where they have you run on a treadmill, video tape you while running/ walking, then recommend the best type of shoe for you. It was great and all, but I don't anticipate going through that again. I learned that I don't over-pronate and I should stick with a neutral running shoe.

I found a couple pairs of Nikes that got really good reviews, but I haven't bought a pair of Nike running shoes in a long time. I liked the Brooks that I bought, but I'm thinking about changing it up this year.

I would love to hear any feedback or recommendations you might have!

Thanks, y'all!



Janna Renee said...

I have Nike Dual Fusions! I got them because the hubby LOVES them. He is an avid runner, so I feel confident in his review of them ;)

Lindsey said...

TJ loves Brooks. He got a different kind and hates them and is looking to buy another pair of Brooks. I have Adidas, but I don't run enough to give a good recommendation. lol

The Pink Growl said...

I've never had Brooks, but I hear GREAT things about them! I'm a big Asics fan, they are my fav stricting running shoe hands down.

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I asked the same question today! I run in Brooks PureCadence, but I'm thinking of trying Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's.

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

I'm on my third pair of Nike Free Runs, LOVE them!

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