April 8, 2013

*Weekend Update & a trip to Florida!**

I know I'm a little behind the ball on posting today, but I have just been so exhausted from our whirlwind trip to Florida. I also kind of lost some motivation to post this morning when I realized that I left my camera in S's truck and I wouldn't be able to post any good pictures. 

I guess I'll just start with my Instagram photos and post the rest tomorrow!

I left for Florida on Thursday afternoon, right after work. I was able to leave a little early so that worked out really well. I arrived in Orlando around 10:15pm and stayed with my cousin for the night instead of driving straight through to Ft. Myers. I think this was the right decision as I was by myself and I would have gotten in really late.

S arrived in Ft. Myers in the early evening on Friday. He picked me up at my aunt and uncle's house where we visited for a little while. At this point, I had already turned in the rental car that I drove from Charleston to Ft. Myers (my car started running a little funny a couple days before the trip and I didn't want to chance it.)
On Friday night, S's cousin (who lives in Naples) and his girlfriend met up with us at our hotel before heading out for the night. Our first stop was Ford's Garage for some snacks and drinks. Our next stop was a country bar called Cowboy Up. From that point on, we stopped at a couple more places, but I honestly don't remember the names, oops!

Downtown Ft. Myers

Reunited with my love!

Being silly...

S's cousin and girlfriend :)

Saturday was my cousin's wedding. It was held at his aunt and uncles house at Fiddlesticks Country Club. The house is beautiful and it was a great setting for a small wedding. I have lots of pictures that I will post tomorrow.

This is the only one that I had on my phone..

Saturday night was really fun since we had a chance to go out with both my two cousins and S's cousin again. We hung out at the Beached Whale on Ft. Myers Beach for snacks and drinks. We had a later night than we had originally planned, but it was worth it.

Sunday morning, we stopped by my aunt and uncle's house to say goodbye, grabbed a bagel breakfast then hit the road. We had smooth sailing up until we reached the Georgia/ South Carolina line. There was quite a bit of traffic, which set us back a bit. We got in around 9:00pm last night and I pretty much passed right out. I was soo sick of being in the car at that point!

All in all, it was a great weekend and I was so happy to have had a chance to see some family. I'll be heading back down to Florida, April 30-May 4 to see my mom and dad and can't wait!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Jen said...

So glad you had a great weekend, I love the pictures. :)

Kristen said...

Yay! So glad you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see more pictures :) I hate when I leave my camera somewhere or can't find the cord.. It sucks!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

So glad you had a good trip!

Lori Vann said...

So many of my students got caught in traffic on 95 this weekend coming out of GA - apparently it was crazy out there! Sounds like you had a great weekend though!

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