May 31, 2013

*FItness Friday, Week 26 & a Virtual 5k!*

Happy Friday! It was so nice having a short week this week, it just flew by. I am looking forward to a lake day tomorrow and hopefully getting some much needed organization and prep for the week done on Sunday. I was just thinking on my way to work this morning, how much I look forward to the weekends. I am literally working for the weekend every. week. Soo happy it's here!

Linking up today for Fitness Friday, of course, as well with Nikki for 30 miles in 30 days!

Honor Courage Commitment

As of last week: 22.42 miles
Total for this week: 4.04 miles

Grand total for May: 26.46 miles

Soo close! Hey, I still have today thought, right? Maybe I'll try and get in one last run for the month after work...

I also wanted to help spread the word about the Summer Kickoff Virtual 5k sponsored by Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat. I know I mentioned it before, but next week is the week so I thought I would re-cap the event:

In her words:

"It's called a race but there is no winner, no looser. You can walk it, you can run it, you could even bike it. Go solo or team up with friends and family. Hit the streets, the track or the treadmill. Jogging stroller and dogs are permitted :) Just get out and get moving!

We'll do this together during the week of June 1st thru June 7th and then meet back for a link up!

So sign up, pick a day and time, snap a picture of you, your route, anything that symbolizes your part in the virtual 5K and know that we are all cheering for you and kicking off the summer with healthy efforts!"

Check our her blog to sign up and to grab the button to link up on Tuesday, June 11!

I also have a question for you all today... Lindsay and I were recently discussing Fitness Friday and were thinking it might be time for a change. It has been really inconsistent with the amount of people linking up and we were trying to think of a way to grow the linkup whether it be only linking up bi-monthly or once a month or changing the linkup all together. I've considered putting the linkup on hold for a while, but we still like the idea of it and kind of want to keep it going in some way.

What do you all think? Is there anything that you would like to see or something that would motivate you to link-up? Any suggestions???
If you don't want to leave a comment, you can email me at!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

May 30, 2013

*Memorial Day Weekend Update*

Hey y'all, I'm still alive in case you were wondering. I know I really haven't posted much all week, but I've been so tired and have been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I'd also been thinking about how many photos I had to edit and was being lazy about it hence another reason why I haven't wanted to post.

But, I have finally finished editing and am finally posting about my long holiday weekend!

Friday: We had some visitors come to stay with us last weekend, S's brother and SIL made the 3-hour trip over from the Spartenburg area to spend the weekend with us. We also met up with Elizabeth and her fiancee and sister for dinner downtown at Amen St. and drinks at Social, which was super fun, as always. I can't wait them to hurry up and move to Charleston!

Note: I'm a terrible blogger and don't even have any pictures from our sort-of "blate".

Saturday: We had a lake day and went sailing and had soo much fun. The weather was perfect and there was just enough wind. We were out on the water for several hours then headed back in later in the day to grill up some dinner. After dinner, we took one of the pontoon boats out to watch the sunset.

Sunday: We went to Isle of Palms, which turned out to be not the best idea. There was tons of traffic and even more people. Luckily, we found a parking spot pretty easily, but it would have been better time spent at the lake. Oh well! We had lunch and some margaritas at Banana Cabana, relaxed on the beach for a little bit then headed home to grill pizzas (they were awesome, as always!)

Monday: S and his brother got up early to make their tee-time while SIL and I slept in. A little later in the morning, us girls headed downtown to King St. for breakfast and shopping. Our two visitors left in the late afternoon and after hanging out by the pool for a bit, S and I cooked out and relaxed after a busy weekend at home.

Top left: On the pontoon boat at the lake...Top right: Lunch at Banana Cabana....Bottom left: Sunday morning puppy snuggles...Bottom right: relaxing at home after a super fun, long weekend.

My super cute shopping finds!

shopping spree

dresses from Roxy, tee from Gap


Some more of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

S's brother and SIL

Perfect weather

Future sisters???

Sailing, sailing, sailing...

Typical holiday weekend at the lake...


 Me and my love<3

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS - Tomorrow is Fitness Friday! Stay tuned for some news about Lindsay's and my weekly linkup!

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment

May 28, 2013

Sassy Shortcake Giveaway Winner!

Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I had a TON of fun, but will post more about that later. For now, I just wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway.

The winner is MEG over at Borrowed Heaven. Congrats, Meg!! I will be getting the info over to you as soon as possible.

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May 24, 2013

Fitness Friday: Week 25 & My Fave Workout Gear!

Hi y'all and Happy Fitness Friday!

I've especially been looking forward to this weekend since it's going to be a long one and Memorial Day is one of my FAVE holidays. It always kind of marked the beginning of summer for me and was always a time when I would be together with my family and friends. I'm really looking forward to celebrating this year with S and a cookout/ housewarming party at our new place.

30/50 miles in 30 Days Count:

Total for the week: 6.75
Total for the month: 22.42 miles

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment

 I know that I have written a few "essentials" or "favorites" posts lately and thought that I would whip up a fitness related post for today. So without further ado, here is some of my favorite workout gear!

Nike Lunarglide+ 4


I posted a while back that I looking for recommendations for a new running shoe. In the past, I've bought Brooks, but was thinking about changing it up. I wasn't originally leaning toward Nike even though these shoes had tons of good reviews. A couple weeks ago, S offered to buy me new shoes, since he knew I needed them, and being that the NEX doesn't have the biggest selection ever, I ended up going with the Nike Lunarglide+ 4.

I have only run in them a couple times so far and once was on the treadmill.I did, however, run outside yesterday in them and it felt like I was running on clouds. I can't get over how much cushion these shoes provide and I am looking forward to getting many miles out of them.

Old Navy Compression Capris

While I would love to spend more and buy lots of workout gear, that just isn't realistic right now. I found these great compression capris at Old Navy and have bought them in black and grey. I love wearing these while running because they don't ride up and are very comfortable. Note: Don't wear the grey ones if you plan on sweating a lot, you will end up looking like you wet your pants and people will look at you funny (not that that's happened to me or anything.....)

Champion Double Dry Seamless Sports Bra
Of all the sports bras I've tried, I really like this one. It is moisture-wicking and provides good support. It's a little more on the pricey side, but it's worth it to keep the girls in place.

I'm sure you've heard me mention this app before, but I do love it. I use it during every workout and it keeps track of my distance and times. I also love that lady that comes on over my headphones to tell me what my time and distance run so far is :p

I am obsessed with Spotify. Think Grooveshark, but way better quality and you can listen to songs anywhere! Last week, I posted my current workout playlist and I love playing it on shuffle from my iPhone when I run. It helps keep me on pace and makes running even more enjoyable :)

Tervis Water Bottle

My newest favorite thing is my Tervis water bottle. I carry it with me everywhere to make sure that I am staying hydrated. You can never have enough tumblers!

I've been thinking about trying compression socks, anyone have any experience with them???

Today is the last day for my Sassy Shortcake Giveaway!! It's ends at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning :) Stay tuned!

May 23, 2013

*30 in 30 & a Giveaway*

Almost forgot, but I'm also linking up today with Nikki from The Pink Growl for 30 Miles in 30 Days!

Monday - Interval run on the treadmill pre-Body Pump, 1.51 miles
Tuesday - Outdoor run with S, 3.00 miles

Total for the week (so far): 4.51
Total for the month: 20.18 miles

I also wanted to remind you all about my sweet giveaway to Enter here and I will be choosing the winner on Saturday morning! If you are a Charleston local, check out the details below for the grand opening.

Also, Fitness Friday is tomorrow. See you then!

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment

*Miracles do Happen*

With the recent disaster in Oklahoma, it has been so sad to see those who have lost everything. S showed me this video last night and it was probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I'm not going to lie, it will probably bring a tear to your eye, but rest-assured, it will be a happy tear. Loved seeing the silver-lining and it gave me a little bit of hope that good things do happen.

I might not have any kiddos to hold tighter, but I will gladly snuggle these two and love them to pieces, the best I know how. I am so thankful to have them both in my life.

May 22, 2013

*Summer Essentials*

Since it's about that time when the temperatures are finally warm enough to go to the beach and the days are long, I thought I would share some of my favorite beach essentials. I've lived in a coastal state all my life and have spent countless days at the beach and have discovered a few things that you should never leave home without.

Beach Essentials
Beach Essentials

1. A cute suit, of course!
2. Lots of sunscreen - I generally start out using SPF 30 and might go down to SPF 15 if I get a good base tan. Otherwise, during the late summer, I might switch back to SPF 30 when the UV index is at it's max. You will still get a tan, even if you use sunscreen, trust me! I also use at LEAST SPF 30 on my face, this particular one is SPF 50.
3. A floppy hat for later in the day when you've already had enough sun on your face.
4. Some shades of course, you won't be able to see much without them.
5. A cute cover-up for grabbing a bite after the beach.
6. I know a lot of southerners are Rainbow fans, but I personally prefer Reef flip flops. I think they are much better quality and not quite as expensive. I am currently loving the ones pictured and they were only $38 (compared to $50+ !)

Monogrammed Beach Tote

Yes, it's from PB Teen, what of it? It's cute and it's pink and purple and I had it monogrammed! Looking forward to receiving my new beach tote any day now... :)

Big, Super Soft Beach Towel

Kohl's is currently having a special on The Big One beach towels for only $9.99. They are really good quality, big, soft, and have lots of pretty colors. I picked up a couple for S and I and might just have to pick up a couple more before the summer's over.

Last, but not least...

1. or 2. Some type of shade. We don't mess around in the South and days at the beach are never-ending. When July/ August hits, the sun can literally be too much so bringing the shade with you is a necessity.
3. A comfy chair, of course! I prefer the Rio brand, they are made really well.
4. A cooler and lots of water to keep cool and hydrated.
5. If you're taking all my advice, you are either going to need a couple friends to help you carry everything or pick up one of these babies to tote your stuff along :)

Has anyone been to the beach yet this year??? What is your favorite beach?

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway to Sassy Shortcake Boutique out of Charleston!
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