May 1, 2013

**Charleston Plantations - Guest Post!**

The Better Belle Project is one of my favorite blogs and Elizabeth and I have gotten to become great friends. As she'll tell you, we met not too long ago, in person, on her recent trip to Charleston and it was like having dinner with an old friend.

I'm super excited have her filling in for me today. Hope you enjoy her post about Charleston!


Hello darlings!

I'm Elizabeth and I usually blog over at TheBetter Belle Project. I'm taking over Kelly's blog today whileshe's off enjoying sunny Florida for a few days! I was so lucky to getthe chance to meet Kelly and her handsome man while my fiance and Iwere house hunting in Charleston a few weeks ago! She is just as sweetin person as she is online, and I can't wait to live nearby so we canhang out more and monogram the crap out of things together!! haha

Anyway, while we were in her gorgeous city, we did a little househunting as well as location scouting for our wedding! While we werethere, we were still under the impression that our wedding would be ayear or so away (we have since, moved it up!) and checked out a ton ofpossible venues!

In the spirit of Kelly being from Charleston, I figure I'll showcase afew of our favorites here for you - most of these aren't justbeautiful venues for weddings, but gorgeous places to visit as atourist in Charleston as well! Even if I wasn't getting married Istill would have wanted to check out the sights!

First off is Boone Hall Plantation... does this house lookfamiliar?
image via
Probably, because that's Allie's parents' summer home in the movie,The Notebook. This is also the location where Mr. Sexy, Ryan Renoldsand Blake Lively tied the knot a year or so ago! A absolutely gorgeouslocation for a wedding!

We also visited Middleton Place, which had some of the mostbeautiful gardens I have ever seen in my entire life. It is absolutelygorgeous! Make sure if you decide to come visit to come early in theday and spend all day there, admission is $28 a person, but there's somuch going on and so much to maintain, I can understand why theycharge so much - there's even a restaurant to have lunch at!
The original family residence was built in 1705 and the land hasremained in the same family since! Could you imagine having this asyour inheritance?! I still can't get over how gorgeous this placeis!
image via

Last but not least, there's MagnoliaPlantation. This is actually where we're most likely going to haveour wedding. I absolutely fell in love with all of the intimacy of it,and it's by far the most affordable of the three locations.

If you're ever in Charleston, definitely take the time to visit thesebeautiful places. It's a little bit like stepping into this beautifulglimpse of the past. And if you're in the process of planning yourwedding and near the area, definitely consider them for locations foryour engagement photos, bridal portraits and even wedding!

If you'd like to keep up with me and my wedding planning, you canfind me here! I also host a weekly wedding link-up on Wednesdays if you'dlike to join!

Thanks so much Kelly for letting me stop and say hi to your readers, 
hope you're having an amazing time in Florida! :)


Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

I visited many of these places while I was in town as well. Gorgeous!

Lisa said...

We're going to Charleston this summer, and I'm so excited to check out Middleton. It looks stunning.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

These are all such beautiful places! I obviously need to visit Charleston!

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