May 31, 2013

*FItness Friday, Week 26 & a Virtual 5k!*

Happy Friday! It was so nice having a short week this week, it just flew by. I am looking forward to a lake day tomorrow and hopefully getting some much needed organization and prep for the week done on Sunday. I was just thinking on my way to work this morning, how much I look forward to the weekends. I am literally working for the weekend every. week. Soo happy it's here!

Linking up today for Fitness Friday, of course, as well with Nikki for 30 miles in 30 days!

Honor Courage Commitment

As of last week: 22.42 miles
Total for this week: 4.04 miles

Grand total for May: 26.46 miles

Soo close! Hey, I still have today thought, right? Maybe I'll try and get in one last run for the month after work...

I also wanted to help spread the word about the Summer Kickoff Virtual 5k sponsored by Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat. I know I mentioned it before, but next week is the week so I thought I would re-cap the event:

In her words:

"It's called a race but there is no winner, no looser. You can walk it, you can run it, you could even bike it. Go solo or team up with friends and family. Hit the streets, the track or the treadmill. Jogging stroller and dogs are permitted :) Just get out and get moving!

We'll do this together during the week of June 1st thru June 7th and then meet back for a link up!

So sign up, pick a day and time, snap a picture of you, your route, anything that symbolizes your part in the virtual 5K and know that we are all cheering for you and kicking off the summer with healthy efforts!"

Check our her blog to sign up and to grab the button to link up on Tuesday, June 11!

I also have a question for you all today... Lindsay and I were recently discussing Fitness Friday and were thinking it might be time for a change. It has been really inconsistent with the amount of people linking up and we were trying to think of a way to grow the linkup whether it be only linking up bi-monthly or once a month or changing the linkup all together. I've considered putting the linkup on hold for a while, but we still like the idea of it and kind of want to keep it going in some way.

What do you all think? Is there anything that you would like to see or something that would motivate you to link-up? Any suggestions???
If you don't want to leave a comment, you can email me at!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Jen said...

You did awesome!!! :) I hope you have an amazing weekend.

The Better Belle Project said...

Hey girl! So awesome that you're so close on your 30 miles!

I like fitness fridays a lot, but it's a bit hard to blog every friday about it, maybe make it like the first/last friday of every month? Then you could sum up your whole month at once? I personally just dont feel I have enough to say every week about my fitness stuff, but a once a month checkup would be great :)

blm said...

I agree that Fitness Friday every week is a little too much for me. There are also so many Friday link-ups I want to participate in but it's hard to make one post fit them all! I like the idea of the beginning and end of the month--maybe goals at the beginning and results at the end?

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

26 miles in the month of May is amazing!! You did great! It was tough for me to hit 30 miles, there are so many other workouts and commitments but its a really fun challenge and a great goal for each month :) I always forget about the fitness Friday link ups and I feel terrible about that. I do fitness every week/every day but I don't always blog about it every week. Whatever you all decide on I will def be a part of and support!! Keep us posted. Maybe even consider sending out a"blanket" reminder email if you switch it to a monthly thing?!

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