May 13, 2013

**Weekend Update, Baseball, & the Lake!**

Gah. Why does Monday always have to come soo soon?

On Friday, I had lunch on the patio at Mellow Mushroom downtown with the girls from work. It was a beautiful day and I feel so fortunate that I can do things like that during my workday.

On Friday night, we met up with a couple friends at Joe Riley stadium for a RiverDogs game. It was a perfect night for some local baseball and there was even fireworks after the game!

On Saturday, S volunteered to help run a softball tournament on base for his students. We spent most of the day at the field. The weather was pretty nice and I got to hang with Lindsey and baby Liam and chit chat all afternoon so it seemed to fly by!

Saturday night, we were both pretty tired so we decided to stay in and I baked dark chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. They were sooo good.

My stand-up Kitchen Aid mixer is now out of commission though now :( It had been making a kind of grinding noise lately that did not sound good so I decided I should stop using it until we figured out the problem. S took it apart to see if he could figure it out. Once he put it back together, it no longer even turned on! Looks like I will have to make some calls to try and figure out how to get it fixed?? Anyone know anything about that?? (It is no longer under warranty)

We also got to spend lots of qt with this little guy. He's my favorite!

Sunday was bittersweet as I as not able to spend Mother's Day with my mom or grandma since I live so far away. I am very happy and grateful though that I was able to talk to them over the phone though and happy to hear that they were having a great day.

I was also very excited to hear from my mom that both of my grandparents are doing very well. They have had a few health problems over the course of the past year. My grandmother was admitted the hospital a couple times for intestinal problems and underwent a couple surgeries. My grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent SIX rounds of chemo. After talking to my mom yesterday, she said that they are both home and doing very well. She said that my grandma is getting around very well on her own (after recovering for several weeks in a nursing home) and my grandpa has gained back all the weight he lost during chemo and his hair is growing back. He had a pet scan very recently as well and she was happy to report that it came back clear and his is in remission! At 86 years old, no less! He has such a strong spirit and we are convinced that is what got him through.

Even though I don't write about it often, the last year was a very tough one for my mom's family and I am so happy and feel so blessed that the outcome was a positive one. It very much makes me want to book a flight home to CT as soon as possible to visit my grandparents, especially now that they are much healthier and happy! That is exactly how I always want to remember them.

On Sunday, we went up to the lake and went sailing with another couple that are we good friends with. We were having a great time; us girls were taking full advantage of the weather and were up top sunbathing until I started to get seasick! AGAIN!

S and I have done lots of sailing and on some pretty rough waters. I had never gotten seasick up until our last trip out last year. I got so sick that we had to get back immediately and all I could do was sleep for the rest of the afternoon. This time it wasn't as bad, but needless to say, it cut our time out on the boat a little short :( I definitely need to invest in some kind of precautionary meds or device that will keep that from happening again!

Does anyone have any recommendations to keep from getting seasick???

The view from our front yard last night. I just love our new, cute little neighborhood!

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Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Baseball games are a perfect way to spend a spring/summer night! I need to make that happen for my family ASAP. Your grandparents are amazing, I love reading stories like this. Makes me smile at what all we're really capable of! Glad you had a good weekend, as for the seasickness... I don't get that but I do use dramamine when flying. It helps me not feel dizzy, etc. maybe it would help you too?!

Ivy + Molly said...

Oh my god! That is too funny. I have the same exact picture from Mellow Mushroom.. and posted it today too. Love it!!!


Jen said...

Local baseball games are so much fun! We went to one on Friday. :)

The Pink Growl said...

Baseball, pizza and cute pups are a perfect weekend!

Wine and Summer said...

Sounds like the perfect low key, spring weekend!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, except for the seasick part! Have you tried Dramamine or even the wristbands to prevent motion sickness? They do a pretty good job.

So glad to hear about your Grandparents feeling better! It is so hard to see them ill. I know you are anxious to get back to see them!

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