June 25, 2013

My Charleston Foodie Bucket List

If you've ever visited Charleston, or maybe even if you haven't, you would know that this city is a foodie's dream. There are so many delicious restaurants upon restaurants to choose from, I could never just name a few.

 S and I used to have somewhat of a tradition that every Friday night (date night), we would choose a restaurant downtown to try and we definitely got to a point where we found a few faves that would end up drawing us back in time after time. That tradition ending up being cut short due to the extra inches around our waists and the deeper holes in our pockets. I do love to dine out in Charleston, but it isn't always healthy cheap.

Since S is in the Navy, our time here in Charleston is going to be short-lived as it is inevitable that one day (maybe soon), we will have to pack up and move. Since we [may] only have a limited number of months left here, I have compiled a list of all the restaurants that we have already tried and that I am still dying to try.

**Sorry for the vagueness, but with the military, nothing is ever definite until they say it is. Even then, there is a possibility that things could change. More to come on that...

                                                            Now, with that said, on to the list!

Burwell's Stone Fire Grill 82 Queen
Coast Wild Olive
Virginia's on King Poogan's Porch
Blossom Basil Thai
Magnolia Hominy Grill
Cypress Fuel
High Cotton FIG
Slightly North of Broad (SNOB) Jim N Nick's
Social Wine Bar Hank's
Fleet Landing Grill 225
Cru Café Charleston Crab House
Peninsula Grill Tsunami
Muse Wasabi
Sermets Downtown Carolina's
Charleston Grill Lowcountry Bistro
Dellz Deli Al Di La
The Ordinary Pearlz Oyster Bar
Rutledge Cab Co. Amen Street
The Rarebit Caviar & Bananas
The Macintosh Fat Hen
39 Rue de Jean Fulton Five
Eli's Table Husk
Charleston Harbor Fish House Red Drum 
Pane e Vino Il Cortile Del Re
Bin 152 The Grocery
Saffron Café and Bakery Oak Steakhouse
Hall's Chophouse Leaf Café + Bar
Swamp Fox The Collective
O-Ku The Shelter

The ones in bold are the restaurants that we've already been to. Although, they were all pretty much excellent, some of our faves so far have been -
82 Queen
Wild Olive 

A few that top my list of places to go are -
Pane e Vino
Cru Cafe
Charleston Grill
The Ordinary

Ugh, who am I kidding? I want to go to all of them and it's extremely difficult to choose just a few.

What kind of brought this on was that the September Charleston Restaurant Week was announced recently and that is always a great time to try out new places, especially the ones that are $$$$! Looking forward to September 4-15! 

What restaurants have you all been to in Charleston and what was your favorite? 

Also, I know that I didn't list ALL of the restaurants in Charleston, but do you have any recommendations that I may have left out?


Kerr said...

Cru is my favorite restaurant in town!

Laura said...

Hey there! Our top 3 MUST EAT list are Fulton V, FIG, and Cypress! I might also reccomend Opal, Mondo's Delite, and Mccradys.
Enjoy :)

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Grill 225 is fabulous! Go during restaurant week though, it's better priced and just as delicious!! Il Cortile Del Ray is amazing. It's pretty close to "authentic" Italian food, my husband didn't enjoy it, but I oved it!! Pan e Vino is delicious!! Great pasta dishes, and Cru Cafe is a good place to go for lunch!!



Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

We went to Burwell's on our tour! It was incredible. If you go, save room for the s'mores dessert! Heaven!!

Anonymous said...

The top two on my list right now are Fleet Landing (for dinner) and Red Drum (for brunch). Rutledge Cab Co. is really good - make sure you order a milkshake!

Anonymous said...

I know you don't need any more restaurants to add to the list, but if you like Italian food, add Mercato (on Market Street). We went there for Valentine's Day and practically had to roll ourselves out of there. And if you like dessert? Do yourself a favor and go to Kaminsky's (also on Market) - it is truly amazing.

Alyssa said...

I think I need to visit Charleston!!! I've never been but my fiance has and he says if we ever go I will never want to leave haha now I want to go just to eat at all these yummy looking places!!

Dabbling in Dixie said...

I need to do this for Atlanta! We always go to the same places!!

Ashleigh said...

I am SO glad you posted this!! I LOVE finding new places to eat in Charleston :) I would add to your list Nigel's Good Food in North Charleston and Hello My Name is BBQ. Both were EXCELLENT!

Pink and Green Mom said...

OOoh I'm going to have to adopt your list! I've only been to one on there (Dellz) and it was good. Def need to start trying more places. We are such creatures of habit that we usually end up going to the same places all the time!

The Better Belle Project said...

Ahhh so excited to get started trying all these! Super happy there's restaurant week coming up after we move there!!

Emily Thomas said...

I highly recommend Cru Cafe!

Jen said...

Great list! Can't wait to hear about the places you go to.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

The restaurant week sounds amazing! I love stuff like that! I haven't been to Charleston since I was a kid, but I'd love to go back and visit just simply because it's so pretty. But now I know that there are wonderful places to eat too... well it just moved up a bit higher on my to-visit list. ;)

Pamela said...

We want to go back to Charleston SO bad! Oh, I'm coming over from Janna's blog today too! :)

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