June 24, 2013

*Virtual Pampered Chef Party!*

Hey y'all! I wanted to start off this week by inviting you to my virtual Pampered Chef party! It's super easy to place orders and you can do so online AND have your items shipped directly to you no matter where you live. The last day to place an order is Friday, June 28.

1. Click here.
2. Click 'Shop Online'.
3. Search for my show by putting in first name, 'Kelly', and last name, 'Casey'. Then click 'Search'.
4. When my name comes up, click on it.
5. Shop away!

If you spend $60 or more, you will receive the Quik-Stir Pitcher for freeeee!

Here are some of my favorite items (all $20 or under!)

#1277 Rotary Grater - $20.00
#2248 Pocket Thermometer - $12.50
#1347 Silicone Handle Protector - $10.00 (Great for cast-iron skillets!)
#2579 Garlic Smash & Paste - $14.50   

#1012 Cutting Board - $17.50 

#2793 Chip & Dip - $19.50
#2258 Adjustable Measuring Spoons - $8.50

 Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in hosting your own online party (my cousin is the consultant.) Thanks y'all!!


Nicole said...

This is awesome. I love Pampered Chef! But I don't know anyone who sells around here.

Kristen said...

I'm on the Pampered Chef site right now making a wish list... Now let's see if I can actually get Darren to let me buy all the stuff I want! ha

Chelsea Phelps said...

I want the whole website!!

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