July 31, 2013

Counting down the days until Cape Cod.....

Is there a special place that you visit that just makes you feel so happy and warms your heart?

For me, that place is Cape Cod (aka 'the Cape.')

Cape Cod Canal, Sandwich, 2009
left: yours truly - right: mom, me, aunt

Growing up, we would visit the Cape every summer, exploring everywhere from the Cape Cod Canal all the way out to Provincetown.

Cape Cod just has this special charm about it and when I think about New England and the geographic area that I grew up in, the Cape envelops it all.


 Hyannis Port, 2010

Besides my family and friends, of course, Cape Cod is one of the things that I miss most about living up north.

With knowing that there is a pretty good possibility that S and I might have to move west, wayyy west, within the next year; it has me dying to get home for a visit and enjoy some of my favorite places.

S and I will be traveling to Connecticut for two weddings in September and decided that during the week in between, we are going to spend a couple days up on the Cape and Martha's Vineyard.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you might have figured out that I LOVE to plan things, especially trips, and I have our entire four-day trip planned out already. Hey, I am super excited, and it gives me something to look forward to!

Another super exciting thing is that S has never been to Cape Cod. He has visited Connecticut with me and I've brought him to NYC and snowboarding in Vermont, but this will be his first trip to the shore.

While I am dying to spill all about the trip, I'll be saving that itinerary for another day ;) Until then, here is a little preview of what we can expect to see on our mini-vacay.

Cape Cod Light, North Truro

North Truro, 2008

Mom and I at almost the same spot as above, in North Truro, Summer 2010

Hyannis, 2010

Kennedy Compound, Hyannis Port, 2010

On a little impromptu trip to Hyannis with my mom in March 2010.

Last, but not least, I can't leave out drag queens in P-town! Provincetown, 2010

I can't wait to share our itinerary when it gets closer and the wrap-up of our trip in September!

What are some of your favorite places to visit?? Is there anywhere nostalgic that you would love to bring your significant other to?

PS - If you would love to see some additional [amazing] photos of Cape Cod, check out Jessica's blog, My Baby Birds! She just moved there with her hubby, who's in the Coast Guard, and their four beautiful daughters and it is one of my go-to blog reads.


Meg said...

Aahhh that sounds like such an amazing trip! Two weddings and the cape in between? You definitely couldn't ask for anything better! I hope you have fun planning it :)

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

I have never been here, but it looks like the little beach towns you see in the movies! The ones that aren't in the south! :o) I love it. Your pictures are beautiful.

Jessica Orlowicz said...

I can't wait to go over to Provincetown!

Pink and Green Mom said...

I didn't realize you were from CT! I used to live in Orange. My best friend's parents have a house on the Cape and she is actually going up there next week! One of these days, I'm gonna tag along!

Amanda aka Manda said...

That looks like paradise! It's now on my bucket list of places to visit!

Chelsea Phelps said...

Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod! Being from the south, I've never gotten to experience the gorgeous beaches up north!


Lindsey said...

Looks beautiful. =]

Christina said...

This just made me so so homesick. I miss the cape so much. We would go there every summer too. Sometimes we'd go camping...for like weeks haha. I miss the Christmas Tree Shoppes -- the one with the windmill at the cape made me so happy.

Jen said...

Wow what an amazing place this looks like! :)

Katie said...

Aww, Kelly! Your Cape Cod pictures make me miss it too! I also went to the Cape almost every summer growing up. My Aunt has a house there and that's where my hubby proposed to me! Now that we live in Cali, it may be a while before I get back, but I'm so excited for you and your September trip! Can't wait to hear more!

Janna Renee said...

I've been to Nantucket, but not Cape Cod. It seems just as awesome!!

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