July 1, 2013

Guest Post - Katie @ Dabbling in Dixie

Hi! I'm Katie, I blog over at Dabbling in Dixie
I'm guest posting for Kelly while she's on a wondrous vacation with her S. Consequently, I just got back from a week of vacation with my S... and his entire family.

Surviving vacation with your significant other's family is no joke.
In S's family it's kinda like survivor. Girls-of-the-past have run screaming from family vacation with a vengeance. Why? 
20 people (of which 6 are children) & 6 dogs in ONE house... that's why.

Here are my tips and tricks that kept me sane. Or at least alive

1) Bring your own snacks and volunteer to do the shopping! Before we went S was all "oh no worries there will be food!" Pshhhh boy please. This girl hit target for some fruit leather, popcorn and Sun-chips. When we got there I collected the 'must-have' list from his mom and hit the store. The only think that I could imagine was being stuck in a house for 7 days with a ton of food I didn't want to eat ... aka being hungry and cranky and ready to set someone on fire. Those snacks saved me. So did the opportunity to buy the kind of jelly I like. Food is important people!

2) Sleep deprivation will happen, NAP like a baby. 20 people and dogs. I'm a light sleeper, so between the click-clacking of dogs upstairs and the blare of the tv as teenagers took advantage of vacation television, I was not a happy camper. So, I snuck into the house after a couple hours of beach in the morning for an afternoon nap. Best 1-2 hours of my life! Nap. Bitches will be in the ocean. Enjoy the silence... because they will find you later and force you to paint their nails 200 times.

3) Be honest with your person. I love S. I love him so much that I tell him when I really need to not go fishing with him and lay at the pool for an hour and read. If you're all "OMG that sounds so fun!" every time he suggests something that sounds borderline fun... you're going to be miserable. And cranky. And probably stress eat junk food. Don't do it you're wearing a bikini. Be honest instead.

4) When all else fails, have a beer (or marg, or glass of vodka, your call). S's family sits around at night talking, drinking and playing corn hole. Those night caps saved my overly tired self a couple days. Though you may want to be your own bartender... some people like to drink an entire glass of vodka hardly any mixer (side-eye) especially when you beat them at corn hole 3 times in a row!


Thank you so much for guest posting for me, Katie! Hopefully I am surviving my vacation right now with my S's family!! haha..  Dabbling in Dixie is one of my go-to blog reads and I'm so happy to have had her here, girl cracks.me.up. Happy Monday and hope you all have a great week!

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