July 5, 2013

Guest Post - Kristen @ Making Each Moment Count

Hey y'all! I'm so glad Kelly let me take over her blog for the day! :) I'm Kristen & I blog over at Making Each Minute Count. You can find me blogging about pretty much anything & everything, but you'll for sure see tons of pictures of my pug, Wrinkles & my boyfriend, Darren! (and Luke Bryan, haha)

Since Kelly is on vacation I thought I'd go with a vacation themed post & share with y'all some of my travel bag essentials when I'm flying!

+a large tote/bag
+a good book
+lots & lots of music!
+gossip magazines
+a comfy pillow

Am I missing anything?!

Hop on over & say hi! I'd love to meet y'all! :)

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