July 25, 2013

More Catching Up: Workouts, a "Blate", and Camping!

Long hair, don't care - selfie on the way to the gym..

I've been keeping up with my LiveFit workouts and have been hitting the gym hard every since vacation. I'm currently on Phase 1, Day 23

I had a "blate" this past Friday with Marie from Letters from Carolina aka The Better Belle Project.

We grabbed sushi from Wasabi in Daniel Island and had some amazing desserts. After dinner, we migrated over to her new house and talked for so long, I completely lost track of time.

I'm so happy that she is finally in Charleston for good! Now we just have to wait for her Pilot to get here so they can hurry up and tie the knot :)

After my "blate" on Friday night, I headed up to the lake to meet up with S. He rented a teenie camper on base so we could stay up there for the weekend. It was so cute!!

He had to teach the sailing course on Saturday so I hung out on the beach with Lindsey (from Lounging with Lindsey), her hubby, and baby Liam. They also stuck around to grill out for dinner and whip up some s'mores, my faveeee!

 Last, but not least.. What kind of update would this be without a little shoutout to my two favorite boys.

I can't believe it's already halfway through July, I can't wait to see what another summer weekend brings.

PS - I'll be posting a brand new giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned!!


Christina said...

Oh gosh, your long hair don't care comment just reminded me of a dream I had last night. I dreamed (dreamt?) I had really long hair and i LOVED IT. It was like Real Housewives hair long and THEN....it turned into a nightmare bc I cut it all off and was so sad. I'm weird.

Ashleigh said...

The dessert looks to die for! I can't wait to move to Charleston and have my own blate with you! Four more weeks :)

Kate said...

YAY for another blate!

Janna Renee said...

Aww! I love Marie! That camper is so cute and now I want smores ;)

Charleston Girl said...

Girl you are killing it with those workouts! I need to try this program because you're burning serious calories. I also think I need to buy the same heart rate watch as you - I have the Garmin GPS one...but it doesn't display the calories on the watch like yours does. And I want something to take pictures of, lol. :)

Also... we need our own "blate" soon!

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