July 24, 2013

My Brother Visits ~

After our trip to North Carolina, I went back to work for three days and then I got to have a little long-weekend staycation. My brother came in on the Wednesday following the 4th for his first visit to Charleston.
 then and now :p

Wednesday: S picked up my brother up from the airport and when I got home from work, we headed out to Red's for dinner. I couldn't pass up taking my little bro to one of my favorite spots.


Thursday: S had to work on Thursday so in the morning, my brother and I headed downtown.

We had lunch at Lowcountry Bistro then from Market St. to Waterfront Park to the Battery, then looped back up around to Market. It was super hot out so after downtown, we headed out to Folly Beach.

Turns out my brother, who you used to never be able to get out of the water, no longer is a big fan of the beach (I know, whattttt??) He was however, interested in shopping at the outlets, so from Folly we drove to Tanger.

Once S got home from work, we headed home to pick him up. We then drove out to our favorite Mexican place, Rio Grande, in Mt. Pleasant.

Friday:  We encountered more rain (what is it with rain and vacations lately??!) So we decided to head out to Grimaldi's for pizza in Mt. P then to the movies (we saw Pacific Rim, it was okay..kind of cheesy.)

Once the move was over, we went to visit the Westbrook Brewing Co. We got there kind of late so we were unable to do the official tour, but did get to taste some of their brews.

We were still so full from our pizza lunch that we decided to finish out the night at Liberty Taproom with a couple more beers and a little snack.

Saturday: We met up with a few friends of ours at Breach Inlet. It's my new favorite beach spot as it's great for fishing and lounging.

We hung out there most of the day then headed home to get cleaned up to go out for sushi. We took my bro to Bushido, another one of our faves.

Since it was the last weekend night that my brother was going to be in town, we headed out to Park Circle after sushi to bar hop a bit. We started at Madra Rua then headed to DIG.

The boys being silly..

Sunday: We made a quick brunch then headed up to the lake.

We first took the sailboat out, but it was very gusty and not conducive to a nice relaxing day, so that was short-lived.

After cooking out a late lunch, we took one of the pontoon boats to explore the lake and do some swimming.

We were all exhausted from the weekend and from being out in the sun so we headed back home at the end of the day to relax since my brother was heading home the following morning.

Gunner LOVED my brother :)

We had such a great time and I'm sooo glad that my brother finally came down to visit!!


The Pink Growl said...

Ummm... your brother is HOT! :) haha glad you guys had a great weekend!

Jen said...

So glad you had a nice visit with your brother. :)

MCW said...

So funny to read about a few of the places I just was...It's a great city!

Kate said...

You and your brother look a lot alike! It sounds like a fun visit (minus the rain)

Janna Renee said...

Gotta love visits from the fam. Your brother is a cutie!

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