August 6, 2013

Weekend Update ~

This past weekend was definitely nothing compared to Coon Fest last weekend, that's for sure!

Friday: S and I hit the gym after I got home from work. I'm glad we did because it made me feel that much better about the chips and salsa and margarita that were consumed shortly after. For our date night, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant :)

Saturday: S had duty, but was able to join me and our friends, Krista, Marc, and their son, Kai, for lunch at Sesame. After lunch, Krista and I headed to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner, since it was tax-free weekend, I couldn't help but head to the outlets to browse a bit. I scored some super cute, extra comfy faded red chinos from Loft.

Sunday: Once S got home from duty, he made an awesome breakfast then we headed out to the beach. We met up with another couple that we're friends with and it was a perfect beach day. After a few hours of fishing and walking the beach, we headed to Poe's for a late lunch.

Sunday concluded with a little food shopping at Trader Joe's and some food prep to get ready for the week.

PS - I also discovered Larabars and they.are.amazing. Why did it take me so long??!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! :)

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Yay!! So glad you like the Lara bars! Cashew cookie is one of my favorites. Also, blueberry muffin tastes JUST like a blueberry muffin!

Sam @ said...

I am obsessed with larabars! I literally drive to the commissary just for them (they are usually 79 cents compared to a dollar at target) Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite flavor!

Emily Stewart said...

Looks like a great weekend and ugh Lara bars are the absolute best ever! You can find them for pretty cheap at the commissary too :)

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE Poe's!!

Courtney B said...

Pool, beach, good food, tax free shopping and time with your man? Sounds like a PERFECT weekend!

blm said...

since you're trying to eat healthier, there are a bunch of healthy homemade "larabar" recipes online! my husband and stepdaughter love these:

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