September 6, 2013

Summer isn't over yet!

First and foremost, I would like to say how proud I am of S today. He had a huge part in organizing the Day of Caring, which happens to be today, and is something that the whole command will be participating in. I will also be leaving work early to attend his reenlistment ceremony this afternoon. Love that boy.

S and I have still been trying to make the most of Summer before Fall sneaks it's way into South Carolina. Our weekends continue to be filled with enjoying the beach and lots of fishing.

I've especially been having a blast with some of my best girlfriends including Lindsey, Marie, and Bailee :)

Fishing at old Pitt St. bridget..

Even Gunner got to come along :)

I've been absolutely LOVING the new spots that we've found. No traffic, no crowds, and absolutely stunning.

S's brother and SIL are coming into town this weekend so that should make for a fun day at the lake tomorrow. Looking forward to this last bit of summer.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Lindsey said...

Sorry we keep NOT coming out. We're lame. lol

Sam @ said...

Gorgeous pictures! I think all of us in the south are still enjoying our summer weekends!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Gunner has gotten so handsome! Seriously, he is such a good looking dog. I love that you are hanging on to summer, but I must admit, I'm ready for fall!

Megan said...

So I grew up outside of Charleston, and my husband and I went to school and were married there. It's one of our favorite cities! Your pictures make me nostalgic for the South, eventhough we are experiencing some gorgeous fall weather today!

Kelly said...

I moved here from CT about three years ago and I absolutely love it. I
didn't go to school here, but my boyfriend and I met here :) He's in the
Navy and we are planning to get married here in the Spring before we have
to move to our next duty station.

We are heading up to CT next week actually so we will get to experience
some true fall weather soon.

Jen said...

Congrats to him on reenlisting! That is wonderful. :)

Jackie said...

It's still summer here in Hawaii, too :) Everyone is posting about fall while I'm tanning on the beach lol And congrats on his reenlistment!

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